Top 10 things to do in zimbabwe

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Top-10 Things to do in Zimbabwe 1. You have to visit Bulawayo This is a major tourist center in Zimbabwe and is also its industrial as well as a commercial hub. You can visit the National Museum here which displays the rich historical association of this place. You will find great caves with rock paintings, dams with excellent fishing as well as well-stocked Game Park and Cecil Rhode's grave in this area, which make it a must-visit spot. 2. Canoeing safari Boat safaris and canoeing is a great way to spend your time. Boats can be hired at Lake Kariba wherein you will witness an abundance of rhino, buffalo, elephants and other animals. It also offers you with canoeing safaris that range from around three to ten days. 3. Easter Highlands Eastern highlands is a string of mountains in Zimbabwe. You can witness a spectacular panoramic view from there. The view will certainly be food for your eyes. When you do think of Zimbabwe there are many flights that will take you to this amazing country. You can also avail the best and cheap flights to Zimbabwe which will leave you with extra budget to spend while in the country. 4. Freshwater fishing The best location for fresh water fishing is Lake Kariba that is famous for an abundance of tigerfish. There are many lakes and streams in the Eastern highlands where you can go freshwater fishing 5. Great Zimbabwe National Monument Visiting the Great Zimbabwe National Monument is a must-visit in Zimbabwe. It is the largest complex of ruins in Africa. The remains are of the city said to have flourished in the thirteenth and fifteenth century. 6. Harare This has to be in the itinerary as it is an industrial, commercial, as well as the capital city of Zimbabwe. It is a sophisticated and clean city which is known for its contemporary architecture, colorful parks and flowering trees. 7. Hwange National Park This is one of the largest parks in Zimbabwe. It has a huge collection of birds and animals. It is a great place to visit when in Zimbabwe. You can visit this country by availing cheap flights to Zimbabwe from UK and make the most of them. 8. Lake Kariba This is among the largest lake in Zimbabwe and holds a large amount of water. You can go on a self-contained safari-crafts, as well as safari camps from the well-appointed cruise. 9. Mana Pools National Park This is among the most beautiful and renowned national parks in Zimbabwe. It has animals such as buffalo, rhino, elephants, hippos and a huge variety of antelope. The riverside is also filled with diverse birdlife. You can also fish for the giant vundu and tigerfish. 10. Matobo National Park This national park is known for its wealth of ancient rock paintings and spectacular granite rock formations. It is situated close to the second major city of Zimbabwe, which is Bulawayo. You can also visit the Cecil Rhodes tomb over here or visit the Nswatungi Pomongwe caves.