Main causes of car accidents

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<ul><li><p>Main Causes of Car Accidents in the US </p><p>Research shows that in the US over 10 million car accidents are reported across the </p><p>country. It is also the leading reason of death amongst teenagers in the USA. Even though </p><p>all modern cars are equipped with safety features and car gadgets accidents still do happen. </p><p>Wondering what the reasons are? After careful study we see that there are six main causes </p><p>of car accidents in the US. They are listed below: </p><p>1. Distractions: So, you thought speeding or drunk driving will top the charts of the </p><p>main causes of accidents? You are wrong. The primary reason of the car accidents in </p><p>US is distracted driving. Talking or texting on the phone or eating can affect the </p><p>drivers behind the wheel and is reported to be the cause of over 50% of car </p><p>accidents. We all believe in multi-tasking, but dont forget that multi-tasking behind </p><p>the wheel is dangerous. One way to overcome the distraction of using the phone is </p><p>by installing phone mount in the car. This device keeps the phone in the place and </p><p>leaves your hands free to do the driving. You can easily text or take the call or play </p><p>music when the phone is mounted easily. You can choose from a dashboard mount </p><p>to magnetic mounts to vent mounts. </p></li><li><p>2. Speeding: There is no denial to the fact that speed thrills, but what we forget is it </p><p>kills too. We are always in the hurry when on the road which is the second biggest </p><p>reason for accidents. So it is best to slow down and give yourself time to reach </p><p>where you want to. High speed reduces the time to respond and react to the </p><p>emergency and this leads to accidents. </p><p>3. Drunk driving: Alcohol affects the driving skills such as reaction time, vision, ability </p><p>to focus, judgment and overall driving performance. Roughly 200,000 incidents of </p><p>drunk driving occur daily. Accidents caused by drunk driving are completely </p><p>avoidable especially with the gadgets like Gear Shift Palm Detection. </p><p>4. Weather: Bad weather conditions such as snow, rain, fog, high winds and hail are </p><p>equally responsible for the car accidents. Approximately, every year over 1.5 million </p><p>accidents happen because of bad weather. Due to the slick road surface after the </p><p>rains or icy roads, the chances of the driver losing control are quite high, thus the </p><p>driver must exercise great care and concentration when driving in bad weather </p><p>conditions to avoid accidents. </p><p>5. Lane change: Unsafe lane changes often lead to car accidents. To prevent the car </p><p>accidents use the indicator and check the blind spots to ensure safety. Or you can </p><p>even install the Lane Departure Warning System to minimize the accidents and </p><p>collisions. This system interprets the video images to calculate the road alignment </p><p>and vehicle state. In case of emergency it applies the torque to the steering wheel </p><p>and gets the vehicle back in the safe lane boundaries. </p><p>6. Driver fatigue: Approximately, 20% of serious road accidents involve driver fatigue. </p><p>This is because sleepiness reduces the reaction time, concentration, vigilance and </p><p>alertness so the ability to drive is impaired. The information processing speed is also </p><p>reduced considerably by fatigue. Therefore, it is extremely important to be alert </p><p>while driving. To avoid accidents because of fatigue, try and install the Drowsiness </p><p>Video Sensor gadget in your car. </p><p>Apart from these reasons, there are many more like night driving, running stop signs, </p><p>running red lights, etc. So, the key to safe driving is following the driving rules, staying alert </p><p>on the roads and having proper gadgets in your car. </p><p>Source: Infernal Innovations </p></li></ul>