Himachal Pradesh - Top 10 Adventure Activities + Man made attractions

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PowerPoint PresentationHIMACHAL PRADESHADVENTURE & MANMAMDE ATTRACTIONS- DEENADHAYALANTOP TENADVENTURETOURISM HIMACHAL PRADESHTREKKING 1Trekking is definitely of of the most popular as well as affordable adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh. It is the nature of the mountain ranges in this area that these parallel running mountains make for perfect valleys for a dream trek across them. There are as many as 270 trails across the state for trekking. The terrain offers you an unparalleled varied experience ranging from small light treks to long distance treks that take you through the natural realm as diverse as snow clad mountain slopes to a walk through the not so tread jungles, to stepping on pebbles crossing a cascading rivulet, to being witness to a cold desert, to being out in the open across a sprawling breathtaking expanse of a meadow or a valleyKINNAUR to KAILASH | JUN to END SEPTEMBER.PIN PARVATI TREK | JUNE to END SEPTEMBER. BARA to BHANGAL | JUNE to END OF SEPTEMBER.BHARMOUR to PADUM | JUNE to SEPTEMBERSPITI to GARHWAL | JULY to END OF SEPTEMBER RAFTING 2The fast flowing waters of various snow fed rivers make ideal base for white water rafting adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh. The upper stretches of these rushing water bodies offer better opportunities for rafting.SHIMLA CHENAB KULLURAVICHAMBABIKING 3HIMALAYAS BY BIKE - MANALIThe thrill and adventure that the sport enthuses is increased manifold because of the scenic beauty of this state and the variety in terrain that it offers.JULY to END OF SEPTEMBERMOTOR BIKING 4MOTOR RACINGMANALI - LEH ROUTE LAHAUL - SPITI ROUTEMountain motor biking is an adventure activity quite popular especially because of the very varied and yet ideal terrain. The tour is hectic yet totally satisfying. The change in culture, terrain, landscape and vegetation is just very obvious through the journey as the landscape changes from green to different shades of brown. JEEP SAFARI 5A trans himalayan jeep safari experience is an experience of a lifetime. Himachal Pradesh offers the safari enthusiasts a chance to travel the highs and the lows, the metalled and kachcha tracks, cross rivulets all on the longest highway in the world. SHIMLA KINNAUR -- SPITI -- KUNZUM PASS -- LAHAULSKIING 6Skiing is basically the Alpine kind and the Nordic kind. The former is all about skiing down sharply inclined slopes, the latter more adventurous one includes cross country skiing and jumping . The snow clad slopes of the Pir Panjal, Shivalik and Dhauladar ranges in Himachal Pradesh offer exciting opportunities for skiingHELI SKIING 7Rohtang pass, Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba and the Chanderkhani pass.This is for ski enthusiasts who like to ski down slopes of relatively higher peaks even as high as 14000 ft which are lesser explored and have soft snow instead of the solid snow stretch as in case of normal skiing. This is certainly more difficult and far more adventurousICE SKATTING 9ShimlaSupposedly an elegant sport cum adventure activity that can be explored at Shimla in Himachal, that boasts of the oldest ice skating rink in the whole of Asia. Winter months right from the beginning of December uptil February provide excellent opportunity to skate, figure skate or Tweet even play a game of ice hockey on a rink of natural snowPARA GLIDING 10One could always start with a course at the fairly new but increasingly popular Himachal Aero Adventure Institute in Bilaspur. These are sports that let you feel like a carefree kite up in the sky or more like a wandering bird totally disengaged and soaking up the winds. Some of the places that are famous for paragliding and hang gliding areBijli Mahadeo in BhunterBir in Kangra valleyBilling in kangra valleyBundla dhar in BilaspurIntkali near the state capital shimlaManaliSolang (Kullu Valley)Pabbar Valley (Arhaul)MOUNTAINEERINGFISHINGGOLFCAMPLINGTHEME PARKSSHIMLA RAILIIASMUSEUMSSTADIMSHMICHILL OUTTHANK YOU