The Importance of open source in cloud computing

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This is a talk given at Cloud Expo Bootcamp at Santa Clara. In this talk I highlight the importance of open source in the cloud based world. I argue why federated clouds are the future and how only open source can help promote such an ecosystem.


1. The Importance of Open Source in Cloud Computing Krishnan Subramanian Industry Analyst/Researcher 2. Plan of my talkOpen Source doesnt matterNah, it not only matters but critical for themarketFederated Clouds Ecosystems are the keyOpen Source in IaaSOpen Source in PaaS 3. Beware of Cloud Computing 4. Open Source Doesnt Matter Architecture is important and license doesnt matter 5. Open Cloud Initiative Based on Open Cloud Principles which emphasizes on interoperability and no barriers to entry/exit Open Cloud => Open Formats + Open Interfaces At least one implementation must be open source 6. My POV: OSS Is Important 7. Rebutting Stallman Open Source is core to Cloud Computing Success Did we look inside the CPU and Registers? New Business Models For Open Source Applications Pic Credit: 8. Why Open Standards Arent Enough? Licensing restrictions and Cloud evolution Open Formats and Open Interfaces will empower the users but it cannot regulate the market dynamics Handful of cloud providers 9. Why Open Standards Arent Enough? Telecom Example 10. Federated Cloud Ecosystems Conventional Wisdom Open Source Thinking(Economics of Scarcity) (Economics of Abundance) 11. Federated Clouds: Why?World is flat Globalized and TechnologicallyempoweredWorlds computing needs are diverseRegulatory regimes are not going awayExisting Datacenters cannot become footballstadiumsLearn from monopoly in the desktop world andtelecom 12. Federated Clouds: What?Multitude of playersHeterogeneity of Cloud PlatformsInteroperability and PortabilityNo vendor lock-inGeographical distribution 13. Open Source & Federated Cloud Ecosystems 14. Towards a Federated Ecosystem Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) Open Compute Project 15. Open Data Center Alliance 16. Open Compute Project Started by Facebook to share their expertise building efficient datacenters at lower costs OCP + ODCA = Highly optimized federated cloud ecosystems 17. Open Source in (Citrix)OpenStackRedhatUbuntu 18. Eucalyptus Systems Research Project at UCSB in 2008 Commercial launch in 2009 Open Core License Enterprise focused 19. (Citrix) Founded in 2008 as VMOps Citrix acquired in 2011 Open Core -> Open Source Enterprise and Service Providers 20. OpenStack Founded in 2010 by Rackspace & NASA Core Projects: Compute, Storage & Image Service Incubated Projects: Identity & Dashboard Community Projects: 10+ Projects Crowbar, Networking, Relational Database, etc. 135+ companies including HP and Dell 21. Redhat Cloudforms Redhats IaaS platform packed with their core technology Still in closed beta Supports Vmware platform and multiple cloud providers Likely Open Source 22. Ubuntu & Cloud? No Cloud Strategy on their own Ubuntu as the OS for Cloud OpenStack Partnership Juju Project 23. Open Source in PaaSCloudFoundryOpenShiftZend 24. CloudFoundry Launched by VMware in 2011 Apache License Hosted & Open Source Physical, Virtual, Cloud or Laptop No Built In Autoscaling Spring, Rails, Node.js and Scala. Python and PHP soon MySQL, Redis, MongoDB RabbitMQ 25. OpenShift Released in 2011 by Redhat Hosted & Open Source (not released yet) Autoscaling Built In Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl MySQL, MongoDB, Membase MRG Messaging 26. PHPCloud Zends attempt at PaaS Relies on Enterprise Web Applications Relying on their Enterprise Creds Only PHP now Integrated with Eclipse Studio 27. Summing UpCloud Computing offers new opportunities forOpen SourceMonopoly is bad and federated clouds are thefutureOpen Source is critical for ensuring thefederated cloud ecosystem 28. One more thing 29. Yes, Open Source Is ImportantIf you agree with me, please tweet Hey @samj, open source is critical for open cloud #ociIf you are not convinced, please tweet Hey @krishnan, E N O U G H #oci Thank You 30. My InfoEmail: krishnan@krishworld.comTwitter: @krishnanWebsite: www.krishworld.comBlog: