Technology Trends 2014 and Beyond

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1. IT Technology Trends 2014 and Beyond Assoc.Prof.Dr.Thanachart Numnonda Executive Director IMC Institute 20 February 2014 2. World is Changing2 3. 3 4. 4 5. 5 6. 6 7. Source: 8. Source: 9. Source: 10. Source: 11. Source: 12. Source: 13. Source: 14. Source: 15. Source: 16. Source: 17. Source: 18. Source: 19. Source: 20. Source: 21. Radical Transformation21 22. The power of your hand in 10 yearsLook like this today Source: Winning in a Digital World; Mark Mueller-Eberstein22 23. Ubiquitous Computing23 24. Four Screens per User24 25. Internet Usage in Thailand Internet Users : 23.86 million, penetration 35.8% [TrueHits, July 2013] Internet Broadband 4.72 million users penetration 23.63% per household [NBTC, Sep 2013]3G Mobile Subscribers : 10.5 Million [Business+, Sep 2013] 25 26. Social Networks Population in Thailand 201324 MillionSource : ZocialRank.com18 Million2 Million5.3 Million Videos26 27. Source : We Are Social 2012Source : Nielsen Thailand study 201327 28. The new IT eraMainframeClient/Server Web GenerationCloud Computing28 29. The next phase of the Internet Connectivity Intelligence Machines Big Data and Analytics Cloud29 30. Cloud Computing transforms IT Big Data transforms Business30 31. Global Technoology, Media & Telecom31 32. 32 33. Gartner 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies33 Source: Gartner; Aug 2013 34. Cloud ComputingSocial TechnologiesMobile ComputingInformation34 35. Mobile Trends35 36. Mobile Trends The era of PC dominance with Windows as the single platform will be replaced with a post-PC era where Windows is one of a variety of environments IT Thailand Mobile Subscribers 89.98 Million, Penetration Rate 131.84% Smartphone penetration in Thailand is now 31% [Ourmobileplanet, August 2013].36 37. Worldwide Devices Shipments37 38. Worldwide Devices Shipments by OS38 39. 39 40. Worldwide PC Shipments Q4: 201340 41. Smartphone Marketshare Q3: 2013Source Gartner41 42. Top-5 smartphone vendors42 43. Tablet Marketshare Q3: 2013Source IDC October 201343 44. Smartphone/Tablet Explosion Smartphone sales in Thailand are tipped to 7.5 million unit of the total 16 million in 2013. [GfK] Smartphone sales in Thailand is 2.87 million units in the first four months of 2013: [GfK] Devices sold in Thailand for 2012: Desktop-PC 1.26 million, Notebook 2.1 million, Tablet 1.3 million [NSTDA] Devices expected to be shipped in 2013: DesktopPC 1.5 million units, Laptops 2.5 million units, Tablet 3.5 million units [IDC] 44 45. Mobile Apps45 46. 46 47. The Store Index47 48. 48 49. Mobile Application Store49 50. Mobile Application DevelopmentSource KMS Technology50 51. Hybrid & Cross-Platform SDKSSource KMS Technology51 52. Mobile Applications Hybrid approach allows developers to write HTML5 code once and deploy it on multiple platform.Nevertheless, native apps won't disappear, and will always offer the best user experiences and most sophisticated features. More than 50% of companies will look to the cloud for their mobile app deployments. By 2017, mobile app download is expected to exceed 200 billion per year, and revenues will reach $63.5 billion. [Portio Research] 52 53. The Internet of Things53 54. Internet of things Over 50% of Internet connections are things. A wide range of devices and peripherals, such as wristwatch displays, healthcare sensors, smart posters, and home entertainment systems. Communicate via NFC, Bluetooth, LE and Wi-FI. IoT & M2M communication market in 2011 was worth $44.0 billion, and is expected to grow $290.0 billion by 2017. []54 55. Wearable Technology: The Next Big ThingsGoogle GlassBasis BandNike FuelbandMisfit ShineJawbone UPSony Smartwatch 55 56. 56 57. 57 58. Blood Pressure Monitor58 59. 59 60. Cloud Computing60 61. Cloud Computing change IT as electricity industry61 62. Cloud Characteristics On-demand self-service Broad network access Resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured Service62 63. Comparison of Traditional Marketing solutions with Cloud Marketing.. Traditional Marketing Solution (on Premise)Cloud Marketing (as a Service)63 64. Service Models64 65. Source : 66. Deployment Models66 67. Personal Cloud Storage67 68. 68 69. 69 70. 70 71. 71 72. 72 73. Stakeholder in Cloud Ecosystem73 74. Global Cloud Traffic74 75. SaaS Impacts ! Borderless Software business model with change from licensing model to subscription (pay as you go) Opportunity for SME : Cheaper software? Software runs anywhere, anytime, any device Users can buy/ use software from anywhere without knowing the origin as long as they connected to the Internet Less customer loyalty75 76. Source : PwC Global 100 Software Leaders May 201376 77. IaaS Impacts! Local data centers will provide cloud services IaaS is not just a normal hosting; it requires large investment on a data center. Different architecture and business model. Fewer large cloud data center in ASEAN will survive Need to compete with big giants; Amazon, Google, Oracle, etc. 77 78. Source : Forrester Research:2012 78 79. IaaS79 80. PaaS Impacts! Software development will shift toward the cloud. Software company may develop their applications on public IaaS/Paas; Microsoft Azure, Google App Engines, Heroku, Amzaon S3 Require new skills Opportunity to sell aboard.80 81. Cloud PaaS81 82. PaaS82 83. Big Data83 84. We are living in the world of DataSource Introduction to Big Data: Dr. Putchong Uthayopas84 85. The Rise of Big Data85 86. Data Growth86 87. What is Big Data?Big data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, or doesnt fit the structures of your database architectures. To gain value from this data, you must choose an alternative way to process it.Big Data Now: O'Reilly Media 87 88. Three Characteristics of Big DataSource Introduction to Big Data: Dr. Putchong Uthayopas88 89. Key Use CasesSource KMS Technology89 90. Source Big Data Analytics with Hadoop: Phillippe Julio90 91. Big Data EcoSystem Social MediaHadoopStorageSearchBIG DATAAnalytic DatabasesNewSQL as-aserviceNoSQL Operational DatabaseDocument BigTable Key Value Graph91 Source: Big Data and BI Best Practices: YellowFin 92. Big Data Landscape92 93. What is Hadoop?A scalable fault-tolerant distributed system for data storage and processing Completely written in java Open source & distributed under Apache license93 94. Data Management TrendsSource KMS Technology94 95. NoSQL ProductsSource KMS Technology95 96. 97. Thank you