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  • 1. Portal 2.0 Portals for your business delivered faster with our Agile Approach using Liferay, JBoss Portal and Websphere Portal
  • 2. What is a portal? Gartner defines a portal as a quot;Web software infrastructure that provides access to, and interaction with, relevant information assets (for example, information/content, applications and business processes), knowledge assets and human assets by select targeted audiences, delivered in a highly personalized manner.quot;
  • 3. How to use a Portal? Intranet Extranet Company to Employee, Employee to Company to Partners, Company to field Employee staff, Partners to Partners Portal Collaborative Websites Content Management and Publishing Knowledge sharing, research, team building, Networking, Document creation, review, publishing and archiving
  • 4. Benefits Create rich websites with minimum effort and costs Build an active collaborative community within your company Build customer/employee self service interfaces integrated with backend systems Publish and share the latest information using CMS
  • 5. Common Portal Features Page Design and Layout Users, Roles and Face book Discussion Forum, Tagging, Blogs Shared calendars Chats and Messaging Content Management and Publishing Portlets for Maps, Weather, Dictionary
  • 6. Levels of Customization Integration with Complex backend systems using Portlets, Custom Mash-ups Configuration of out of the box features like wiki, workflow, RSS readers Basic Look & Feel, Page Layout Simple
  • 7. Advantages of JEE Based Portals Development according to standards (JSR-168, JSR-286) Interportlet communication, Portable Use proven open source frameworks, like spring, hibernate and wicket (keep your prior investments, for maintainability) Integrate easily with your existing database and security systems Use cutting edge, highly productive technology like Grails where applicable/needed Backend integration through standards, like WS, EJB, ESB or customized protocol, e.g. REST. Support for FLEX and AJAX for great user experience
  • 8. Our Expertise Portal look & feel, and page flow design Configuration of advanced features such as security and workflow Customized portlet development based upon Java, GWT, Google Maps APIs of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Open Social etc. Integration with ESB and backend systems Content Management and Workflow Customization
  • 9. Our Approach Start with high level requirements Define key integration areas Design user experience and page flow Work in small iterations of 2-3 weeks Deliver tested and working features after every iteration Cost effective because of our Agile Offshore Approach
  • 10. Sample Screens A sample of Enterprise portal implemented on Websphere Portal
  • 11. Sample Screens A sample of rich media based portal implemented on Liferay
  • 12. Portal Product Knowledge Liferay Open source, Commercial Support Rich collaboration features Named visionary by Gartner JBoss Portal Open Source, Commercial Support Backed by a strong organization Websphere Portal Commercial Support Expensive Plenty of References
  • 13. For More Information and Demo India Anurag Shrivastava (ashrivastava@xebia.com) Xebia India +91 9910 174582 Europe Edward van de Pas (evandepas@xebia.com) Xebia Global Services +31 616 962711


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