Open Source Cloud Computing: Practical Solutions For Your Online Presence (PDF)

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PDF slides of: Open Source Cloud Computing: Practical Solutions For Your Online Presence. North Country Technology Symposium. May 25, 2011.


  • 1. Open Source Cloud Computing:Practical Solutions For Your Online Presence Todd Deshane Postdoctoral Researcher at Clarkson University Technology Evangelist for North Country Technology Symposium May 25, 2011
  • 2. About Me Born and raised in Northern New York Graduate of Clarkson University B.S. in Software Engineering (2003) M.S. in Computer Science (2004) Ph.D. in Engineering Science (2010) Postdoctoral researcher at Clarkson Telecommuting consultant Technology evangelist for 2
  • 3. Outline Cloud computing delivery models Cloud computing deployment models Managing your online presence Cloud computing challenges Cloud computing adoption Future of cloud computing Summary 3
  • 4. cloudcomputingtopics.com4
  • 5. Delivery Models Software as a service (SaaS) Web-based applications (Google, Facebook) Platform as a service (PaaS) Software environments (Google App Engine, Microsoft Windows Azure) Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Computing environments (Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud) This presentation will focus on IaaS 5
  • 6. IaaS Deployment Models Public Third party off-site service provider (Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud) Private Virtualization running in your data center (OpenStack, Xen Cloud Platform) Hybrid Combination of public and private models 6
  • 7. Managing Your Online Presence Use an IaaS deployment model to: Create an online presence Expand and scale to meet demand Amount of investment varies for each deployment model Public Private Hybrid 7
  • 8. Public IaaS Only pay for exactly what you use (computing resources, storage, bandwidth) No upfront hardware cost Costs scale with increased demand Opportunity to outsource IT services 8
  • 9. Public IaaS - Examples Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Simple Storage Service (S3) Rackspace Cloud Cloud Servers Cloud Files 9
  • 10. Monthly Cloud Server Cost 256 MB RAM, 15.5 GB RAM, 256 MB RAM, 15.5 GB RAM, 10 GB Disk 620 GB Disk 10 GB Disk 620 GB Disk Data from 10
  • 11. Monthly Cloud Storage Cost 15 cents / GB / month Data from 11
  • 12. Monthly Outbound Bandwidth Cost 18 cents / GB / month Data from 12
  • 13. Monthly Inbound Bandwidth Cost 8 cents / GB / month Data from 13
  • 14. Private IaaS Many free and open source software options available No software cost Leverage existing hardware infrastructure Adjust resources with changing demand In-house IT services 14
  • 15. Private IaaS - Examples OpenStack OpenStack Compute OpenStack Object Storage OpenStack Imaging Service Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) Xen Hypervisor Open vSwitch Xen Management API (XAPI) 15
  • 16. OpenStack Architecture 16
  • 17. XCP Architecture 17
  • 18. Hybrid IaaS Leverage existing private infrastructure while bursting and/or migrating into the public cloud Carefully mix public and private cloud resources Optimize public and private infrastructure costs Selectively outsource IT services 18
  • 19. Hybrid Cloud Architecture 19
  • 20. Cloud Computing Challenges Privacy and security Data stored on public servers Malware protection outsourced Availability and performance Online service outages and backups Content delivery networks or content distribution networks (CDNs) Open standards Image format compatibility 20
  • 21. Cloud Computing Adoption 21
  • 22. IaaS Adoption 22
  • 23. Future of Cloud Computing Web-based operating systems Google Chrome OS Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, Spice Client virtualization Citrix XenClient, Virtual Computers NxTop, Qubes OS Desktop as a service (DaaS) Combination of the above 23
  • 24. Summary Cloud computing delivery models are changing the way we think about software IaaS (focused on in this talk) can be used to cost-effectively grow an online presence Need to balance cloud computing tradeoffs Cloud computing is becoming practical for businesses to adopt The technologies are still new, but maturing There is an exciting future ahead! 24
  • 25. Thank You 25


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