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An overview of our ability to predict future travel and locations based on historical patterns.


  • 1. The Art of WhereAdvanced Mission Planning The icu predictions module generates a travel fingerprint of your target by analyzing historical tracking data, thereby allowing you to visualize their future activity. This creates the ability to optimize team deployment for successful target acquisition, enhance takedown planning, and improve Technical Surveillance team safety and efficiency. See the E T +001 (902) 407-3191

2. The Art of WhereImprove Mission success, acquire targets faster, maximize surveillance team safety. icu predictions uses all of the targets historical travel patterns to produce a concise summaryof their behaviour allowing you to predict their future travel. A user can set a prediction threshold to improve confidence and precision when mission planning. icu predictions will automatically identify the Optimal Cycle and eliminate dependency on standard 5 or 7 day week. Predictions are available for viewing down to 15 minute granularity. This capability is instrumental in providing accurate battery life calculations for surveillance equipment, takedown planning, and making sure your Technical Surveillance teams are performing installations during a period of optimized Predictions will: Fingerprint your target from a travel perspective Optimize mission planning Improve installers safety Increase Mission effectiveness Track more targets with the same team sizeAccurately forward-project target activity and E T +001 (902) 407-3191


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