Historical fiction to non fiction resource guide

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  • 1. Find at least one on your historicaltopic. Use your keywords to locate books onthe online card catalog. Do a subject search.
  • 2. Find at least two American history referencebooks on your historical topic. Do a subject search for encyclopedias anddictionaries or your other broad keywords tohelp you find reference books in the mediacenter.
  • 3. Doing a subject search for your narrowkeywords will bring up magazines in the list ofsources. Magazines have a newspaper icon nextto the title.
  • 4. Choose one MeL database linked on the pathfinder touse to find information on your topic.
  • 5. Find at least one web site on your historicaltopic. Keep in mind the following: 1. It can be a web site found on the American History Pathfinder. 2. Or you can do a Google search using NES!


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