Growth hacking 101 and latest trends

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PowerPoint PresentationGrowth Hacking 101and latest trends1Klaus SalchnerVP Engineering One (3 min)Work with your neighbour and come up with a common definition.What is Growth Hacking?Exercise Two (1 min)Now turn around to your other neighbour and share your definition.#What is Growth Hacking?#What is Growth Hacking?#Organizational boundariesCreate waste and slow down the process. Thats why large organizations have a hard time to keep up with start-upsMultidisciplinary teams and rolesAre able to outperform every other team / role. Drives the speed of innovation / experimentationRapid experimentationDrives speed of discovery & feedback. It is the shortest path to understanding and addressing the real user pain & needWhat is Growth Hacking?#Marketing, Product, Engineering, GrowthIn varies by organization and doesnt matter that much. What matters is its purpose and ability to be the intersection of allWhere does Growth Hacking fit in?#@SeanEllisGrowth / marketing exec @ DropBox, Eventbrite, Lookout, LogMeIn and more@AndrewChenEntrepreneur and growth @ Ueber@NeilPatelEntrepreneur and founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, QuickSprout and moreThe early inventorsOf Growth Hacking#www.startup-marketing.comBy Sean Elliswww.growthhackers.comGrowth Hacker community. AMA and Q& Blog about Analytics, Marketing and TestingGrowth Hacking blogsThere are tons. Here are some I follow#Growth Hacking booksThere are tons. Here are some I read or am reading#Exercise One (3 min)Work with your neighbour and share a list of growth hacking resources you use.Share your resources...Exercise Two (1 min)Now turn around to your other neighbour and share one new resource you found out about today.#Start with mobileYour growth experiments / hacks start with mobile, and maybe extend to desktopLatest trends for Growth HackingVideo dominatesYour growth related content will be video based, and maybe extend to text(Paid) social continues to take the world by stormYour growth experiments should evolve around organic or paid socialPersonalized automated outreachPlatforms are more data driven and know how to connect with users in a personalized wayAmbassador programsSMS based service and ambassador platforms are gaining on popularity #Exercise One (5 min)Work with your neighbour and discuss a growth hack for your businessNow lets growth hack...Exercise Two (1 min)Now turn around to your other neighbour and share the growth hack you came up with#If you dont have yet a growth teamDiscuss with your leaders the value of growth hacking and how you can make it introduce it in the next 90 daysCall for actionIf you do have a growth team alreadyDiscuss how you can accelerate the pace of experimentation and learning in your growth team. Growth leaders are suggesting 100 experiments a year for a successful growth team!#Q&A15