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Flip with GoogleFlip with GooglePresented by Diana BennerDirector of Professional Development972-275-9251dbenner@tcea.org@dibenDiana BennerTWEET It!Facilitator InformationDoes this resemble some of our classrooms today?3Flipping Helps Break The Habit of Lecturehttp://youtu.be/uhiCFdWeQfA 4ObjectivesIdentify what it means to flip your classroomExamine some Google tools for flipping your classroomDiscover ways in which these tools can be used in the classroom Session Resourceshttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD Todays MeetGo to Todays Meethttp://todaysmeet.com/gflip Introduce Yourself(Name, Position, District, Grade Level)Do you currently use Google to Flip your Classroom?http://goo.gl/gZK1tD The Flipped Classroom Modelhttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD What is a flipped classroom?At School:Introduce lessonProvide direct/indirect instructionWhole group activityCheck for understandingAt Home:Work independentlyComplete assignmentAt School:Turn in workTeacher grades workFeedback provided when work is returned to studentTraditional ClassroomAt Home:Introduce lessonProvide direct/indirect instructionDifferentiateCheck for understandingProvide assignment/rubricAt School:Work as groups and/or independentlyTeacher monitors and provides feedbackComplete assignmentStudent grades with rubric prior to teacher grading with rubricFlipped Classroomhttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD 9Flipped Learninghttp://youtu.be/4a7NbUIr_iQ http://goo.gl/gZK1tD 101112Process1Survey students & parents to find out what Internet access they have outside school. How will you provide for students who dont have access?3Create support structures.Video lectures are fine but use more than just that. Scaffold students so they learn how to find info and resources.4Run through demo IN CLASS. Make sure everyone understands the model and what is expected.5Have virtual office hours for students needing help. Share this with the students AND parents.6Provide classroom activities that reinforce what they learned. Activities should be engaging and cause them to problem solve and apply new knowledge.7Survey students on the support, classroom activities, and experience. Make it anonymous. Ask them to be brutally honest.2Select your lesson to flip. Be sure it is concrete & definable. Avoid abstract or conceptual skills.NOTE: The quality of your flipped classroom will be determined by how well you design and implement this model with your students.http://goo.gl/gZK1tD 13The Netflix Generationhttp://goo.gl/0duZXP http://goo.gl/gZK1tD 14Benefits of FlippingStudents can learn at their own paceStudents have the opportunity to review the materialStudents are engaged and can take ownership of their learningStudentTeacher spends more time supporting students with practiceTeachers focus on being a Guide by the SideTeachers are involved with student learning rather than lectureTeacherhttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD 15Google FormsYou TubeChrome Apps & ExtensionsGoogle Drive AppsGoogle SitesGoogle HangoutsGoogle ClassroomGoogle Toolshttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD 16Lets Talk About Ithttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD Tic-Tac-Toe Challengehttp://goo.gl/SrcWfP 18What are some of your favorite ways to use Google Tools to use with students?Share on Todays Meethttp://todaysmeet.com/gflip 19Now What?Share:Twitter - @diben or @tcea #tcea2015Todays Meet http://todaysmeet.com/gflip What will you take back to your campus/district after this session and how will it be used?The Flipped Classroom is for Everyone!http://youtu.be/FAWidtL7pKE http://goo.gl/gZK1tD 21Are you ready to22Questions?http://goo.gl/gZK1tD Questions?23The Learning Goes Onhttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD Your TCEA Social CommunityGain insights, solve problems, and share resourcesJoin the All Things Google GroupLunch & Learn WebinarsUpcoming Webinars:February 11th Tips for Starting a Makerspace at your SchoolFebruary 18th Accessibility Features of the iPadFebruary 25th Rubric ResourcesMarch 4th Free Fonts, Music, Images, and Graphics for your Classroomhttp://goo.gl/m10Kg0http://goo.gl/gZK1tD 26Get Your GOOGLE On WebinarsUpcoming Webinars:February 12th Google Tools A-ZMarch 5th Gmail Tips, Tricks, and LabsApril 2nd Accessibility Features of Googlehttp://goo.gl/9zQC4a http://goo.gl/gZK1tD 27http://goo.gl/NKXLw http://goo.gl/gZK1tD 28Member EngagementAs an attendee to the TCEA conference, you are now a TCEA member. Below are several ways to participate and find additional resources for learning and sharing:http://www.tcea.org/learn http://twitter.com/tcea TCEA Social Communityhttp://www.facebook.com/tcea.org http://goo.gl/gZK1tD Diana Benner, M.Ed.Director of Professional DevelopmentEmail: dbenner@tcea.orgThank You for Attendinghttp://goo.gl/gZK1tD follow me on twitter@diben30