Enterprise mobility and business data relevance

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This presentation covers how Business Data centric approaches are relevant to Enterprise Mobility . This covers some of the challenges and structured way of Data centric transformation for mobility. This also covers a view of future convergence and how a composite value proposition for business problems can get derived


  • 1. Enterprise Mobility And Enterprise Data - How to marry ? AKP @anoopkumar_p www.soclomo.org
  • 2. www.soclomo.org Scope What is enterprise Data? How is it important to Enterprise Mobility ? How to handle them ?
  • 3. www.soclomo.org Enterprise Data - What it means? Business transformations happen only by transforming the way the workflow creates and consumes data Workflow is a mechanism , while enterprise data is the core asset Data is the only proof for an Enterprise workflow and it is the only source on which business decisions are done
  • 4. www.soclomo.org How Data gets structured in an Enterprise ? Business Usecase Business Workflow Data sources are hierarchical Data sources are silos based on functionality Business abstractions happen over the data Workflows get implemented over the Business abstractions Use cases form the last mile of visualization of workflows Business Info Raw business Data
  • 5. What are the challenges to centrally control transformation ? - Core intelligence is distributed - Enterprise apps are outcomes of recurring innovations - Optimization of Data and Information would have never happened www.soclomo.org - Where to start and where to optimize itself is a complex task - Re-engineering is a must
  • 6. How to enable Mobile Also transformation in such a challenging situation ? Discover the value of transformation Translate values to the Customer Journey Innovate the use case Optimize the enterprise data models www.soclomo.org Optimize the access and directions r fo ce . y) to fa ss nt fit r a m e e he s m te e en em e in acc nes s... e( t the st B g h r e a p a t he th dly resh ap ng sh t ac ta dap uc e a e ex to da a . e ize en f e it m fri ata fflin th - cr o/ ly - ly.. f th ti e d o e w in nd nd w at nce .. Op obil e a for ho rs ? g rie ie o v e o i in r w e s. Kn m abl gy ist ile f ile f no tom Inn per low K s En rate Ex ob b ex orkf o cu st m m w e b .. s. t no
  • 7. Will a one time mobilization effort be good enough? - Mobile Also transformations will become Mobile First and Finally Mobile Only - The transformation experience to mobility is beginning of a rapid evolution pace, it will be ever evolving to cope up with innovations catalysed by consumerization www.soclomo.org - Data will ultimately be BigData friendly - Analytics is Mandatory for successful transformation, they form the yardsticks - Future will never be SILO transformations, the convergence of all value acceleration technologies will deliver peak of benefits
  • 8. Thank You AKP @anoopkumar_p www.soclomo.org


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