Driving Business Value with Enterprise Social

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Driving Business Value with Enterprise SocialFebruary 28th, 2013Speakers:Charlene Li, Roland Hulme, Bryony Cole


Bryony ColeSenior Customer Success ManagerCharlene LiAnalyst and Author

Roland HulmeSocial Media Manager


Driving Business Value With Enterprise SocialYammer Webinar | #yamvalueCharlene Li, Founder & Analyst, Altimeter Group@charleneli | charlene@altimetergroup.com3

Social Will Be Like Air#yamvalue4

CURRENT STATEMAKING THE CASEHOW TO MOVE FORWARD#yamvalue5The Evolution of Collaboration#yamvalueSingle slide with 3 columns - 1st is old knowledge management (lots of text files everyone hated), 2nd - network image collaboration platforms in terms of Jive (forums, file mgmt) - Third is ESN - something with a lot of mouths talking (lots of talking, not a lot of substance)

6Top Goals Revolve Around Sharing

Base: 44 companies with more than 250 employeesSource: Altimeter Group, Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networks, February 2012#yamvalueImpact is Only Moderate

Base: 77 companies with more than 250 employeesSource: Altimeter Group, Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networks, February 2012#yamvalueMost Organizations Admit They Measure Poorly

Base: 42 companies with more than 250 employeesSource: Altimeter Group, Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networks, February 2012#yamvalueLack of Metrics Means Business Impact Goes Unmeasured

Base: 43 companies with more than 250 employeesSource: Altimeter Group, Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networks, February 2012#yamvalue

CURRENT STATEMAKING THE CASEHOW TO MOVE FORWARD#yamvalue11Four Ways To Drive Business ValueEmpower Employees1234Encourage SharingCapture KnowledgeEnable Action#yamvalue13Encourage SharingCreates two-way dialogMakes business personalReduces distance to leadersConnects globallyForms private groups

1#yamvalue[The ESN] enables senior management to understand what people on the front lines are thinkingand conversely, for people like sales reps to understand what management is thinking.#yamvalue

Laurie HibbsDirector of HRLexisNexis UK & Ireland


10,000 employeesLow touch, roll out400-1200 paid people in a week

Jobs posted on YammerCorp comms to reduce email

One the road a third of the year stay connected, more than email

Sept 2011, launched adoption campaign. Coffee mugs, videos of execs, 1,100 of 1,200 employees in the division use it.

Job listingsNews updatesCaught in the Lift 2 minutes with execs

142Capture KnowledgeIdentify expertiseAvoid duplication and have better coordinationTransfer knowledgeImprove best practices#yamvalueEnterprise social helps us effectively harness knowledge in a cost-efcient manner.

Dennis StoryCFO, Manhattan Associates#yamvaluehttps://www.yammer.com/customers/customer/manhattan-associates/?video=56731352&autoplay=1

Manhattan software and consulting on supply chain optimization

9 countries 60% of 2,200 employees are mobile

90% adoption in first month. Now 98% usage.

Capture tacit knowledge

Answered the same internal questions over and over again via email. Within a few weeks of putting in their ESN, was eliminated. Answers questions quickly and efficiently. Reduces time to be able to focus on bigger issues.

16Enable ActionSolve problems faster and betterBring outsiders inStreamline processes3#yamvalueRetail is a very dynamic environment. Keeping up with changes and staying on trend is essentialwith the appropriate input from a broad group of employees, we solved the problem, saving us at least six weeks of headaches.#yamvalue

Andy HedgesDirector of Shopping Center Management, Westfieldhttps://www.yammer.com/customers/customer/westfield-au/

100 shopping centers in US Austration, Brazil, UK New Zealond

Improve operations from business forecasts to fashion trends

Real-time process improvements from computer training to gift card programsTraining Rolled out new customer service application, created Yammer group for each location. Refined the program for the next location. Also created buy-in and sense of ownership for people Magnetic strip problem with gift cards identified/reported on Yammer, and solved there as well. 18Empower EmployeesGive employees a voiceMake meaningful contributions and innovationsIncrease engagement, satisfaction, and retention4#yamvalue"Yammer lets us engage employees and partners in a way that is not only compelling for them, but best of all, creates value for our members." 40% of the companys top leadership is on the Nationwide network. #yamvalue

Greg MoranSVP & CIO, Infrastructure and Operations, Nationwidehttps://www.yammer.com/customers/customer/nationwide/?autoplay=1

Nearly all 36,000 employees are on Yammer.

When Mark Pizzi, Nationwides president and chief operating ofcer, posted a

request for employee suggesions on innovations that would improve operations,

roughly 400 responses poured in from across the company. It was compelling for

everyone to see the president asking employees how theyd run the company if

they were in his shoes, Schumann says. People provided outstanding feedback,

and some of those ideas are already being implemented.20

CURRENT STATEMAKING THE CASEHOW TO MOVE FORWARD#yamvalue21Four Parts of Social Collaboration Strategy#yamvalue#1 Have Clear ObjectivesIdentify and prioritize the gaps that relationships can fill.Design your long-term goals for the ESN with purpose. Paint the future path in gold for employees.

#yamvalue#2 Put the Right Metrics in PlaceMeasure gap closing, not engagement.Track relationships, not conversations.

Image by StreetFly_JZ used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/streetfly_jz/2760882758#yamvalue#3 Invest in Relationship ManagementBudget, staff, and resource appropriately.Get executives involved.Foster transparency to create an open culture.Create incentives and rewards for participation.

#yamvalue#4 Prioritize Technology with Relationships in Mind Choose based on the relationships you want to build, not features.Prioritize based on your objectives and need for integration.Have simple guidelines in place.Invest in evangelists.


Social Will Be Like Air#yamvalue27

Charlene Licharlene@altimetergroup.comcharleneli.com/blogTwitter: charleneli

For slides, send an email to slides@altimetergroup.com

For more information & to buy the booksvisit charleneli.com

#yamvalue28Driving value with YammerTeam Collaboration

Connect employees, customers, and partners to get work done, faster.Employee Engagement

Empower employees with a voice and encourage them to make a difference.Connected Organization

Bring your traditional intranets to life with social, mobile and business data.Business Agility

Innovate and adapt when launching new products, merge cultures during an acquisition, and accelerate your transformation.#yamvalueTransformed

#yamvalue30Fast facts about Tyco

#yamvalueTyco is a leader in Global Fire Safety and Security solutions. We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to save lives, improve businesses and protect people where they live and work. As you can see here, we have 69,000 employees worldwide and protect more than 3 million industrial, commercial and residential customers worldwide.Our journey to social began with a need to connect employees and provide better access to information, particularly as we went through a massive reorganization. Our goals were to:Sunset our existing intranet technology for a more robust, cost-efficient web 2.0 technology.Give corporate functions a vehicle for connecting and collaborating with employees and global teams.Respond to employee feedback.Launch Yammer as the official intranet for Fire & Security at Tyco.

31Technology limitationsLimitations of our traditional intranetAccessibilityResourcesContent publishingNo directoryOne-way communication

No engagement#yamvalueWhy were we looking for new solutions? Because there were limitations to existing technology:Accessibility is impacted by location and device, with limited integration with other platforms and sitesRequires dedicated IT support and resourcesPublishing content can be complex, time-consumingNo employee directory / contact informationOne-way communication

32Teams were siloed

Employees wanted one place to connect & learn

#yamvalue2010 employee survey surfaced areas below the norm that needed improvement.

We wanted to create an environment where employees were able to voice their opinions without fear of retribution and break down silos within Business Units, creating a more positive workplace fostering openness and trust amongst leadership and employees.33Why Yammer?

It was easy and worked For users: viral adoption, rapid growth, usabilityFor IT: secure and private, exceeded requirementsFor the business: to serve key initiatives and company goals#yamvalueWhy did we choose Yammer? A few employees were already using Yammer within the company with great success and we felt that if we could take a more tactical approach to planning and rolling out a social network that it would positively impact the company and enable us to achieve our goals. What specifically attracted us to Yammer?Anytime, anywhere access to information and resources for employees from more than 50 countries, via work/home computers and mobile apps.Doesnt require dedicated IT support and resourcesReal-time content publishingCost savings over traditional intranet platformsRobust integrations with other platforms and sitesSupport for multiple languagesTwo-way and group communication

34Driving valueTime SavingsImproved team collaborationFaster answersCareer development & professional growthUnified cultureFaster, more effective on-boardingReduced IT costs and response timeIncreased agility & responsivenessOpen communicationGreater alignment to company goals & initiativesIdea sharing & innovation

#yamvalueYammer has added tremendous value to our business, in a number of ways and I believe as we move ahead we will find even more areas where we can use Yammer and increase value. 35Connecting global teams

For me the biggest benefit of Yammer is the fact is it is an open window to the rest of the group.Yann Boutin, Marketing & IT Director, Tyco Fire & Protection Services

We were trying to gather the list of stadiums via email for a year. But by using the Tyco Yammer Network, we were able to gather it in one week.Ricardo Macedo Soares, Sales & Business Development, Tyco Security Products#yamvalueCloud-based network Yammer broke down geographical and departmental silos resulting in greater collaboration across boundaries, including language divides. Teams can now easily work together, share information and knowledge regardless of location.External Networks Worked with different communication agencies as part of the reorganization via External Networks.

Examples: Working within geographic and business unit boundaries, employees were segmented and unaware of what their counterparts were doing in other countries and divisions. Yammer helped break down barriers, connecting employees across the globe. Now discussion can easily take place allowing for teams to share information, suggestions and innovations instantly creating more value for the business.Huge opportunity for Tyco with the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. However, construction company was not familiar with Tyco, a query on Yammer gathered a list of reference stadiums in a short time.

36Empowering employees

"To have a platform where everyone can share information is invaluable. When I get onto Yammer, I feel empowered, energized and that this platform really works for me. ~ Jason Wicker, Technical Recruiter, Tyco

#yamvalueImproved on-boarding process New hires are invited to the network weeks before they start so they can review documents, join in team conversations and contribute prior to their first day.Unified culture Brings together employees across divisions and fosters a sense of connectedness. Not only does everyone stay more aligned, but they are more aware of how their work is contributing to the companys success.Nurture Talent Yammer enables employees to recognize each other for great performance and stay in the know with what other teams are accomplishing around the world. Career development The Careers at Tyco group brings employees together to learn from each other and achieve their career goals.37Building a unified culture"Yammer's a vital part of our transformation to the new Tyco. ~ Ira Gottlieb, VP of Global Communications

#yamvalueTycos Yammer Network keeps employees in nearly 50 countries and over 1000 location worldwide, connected and aligned on important company goals.

Examples: Senior leadership and global Business Units use Yammer make official announcements, post letters, news and updates, so employees can not only read them but also post questions and opinions. On October 1, 2012, Tyco became a new company and Day One celebrations were held at Tyco business locations worldwide. Employees used the TYN to upload photos and updates from their Day One events tagging them with the topic #DayOne so they could be easily accessed with just a click. As a result, every user on the Tyco Yammer Network was able to be part of every Day One celebration held worldwide.

38Creating a social intranet

#yamvalueYammer helped transform disparate business units into a single, cohesive company.Patchwork of systems and intranets as a result of the massive reorganization As companies were acquired, the original infrastructures were maintained. Tyco needed to connect the organization with a common, central portal for everyone to use.How we consume data and interact with content has ultimately changed. With Yammer were able to:Access from anywhereDistribute tacit knowledge and find expertsDynamic discoveryCollaborate on documents in real-timeAnd it doesnt require IT support

39How did we get here? Audit resourcesAssess howPrioritize when and whatIdentify stakeholdersIdentify advocatesAssign teams

Involve and motivate across TycoCreate compelling tacticsBuild to the main eventTimeline: June 29 Oct 1JUNE JULYAUGUSTSEPTEMBEROCTOBER Day One#yamvalueWorked with the Yammer Customer Success team each step of the way.Yambassadors Power-users help support migration, reinvigorated the network and showed how essential it was for business.Yammerazzi Helped promote internally at Tyco, the significance of moving to an ESN.Promotional Materials Distributed how-to guides and other promotional materials worldwide to drive excitement and engagement.40ResultsMoving the Intranet to Yammer had the following affect:#yamvalue41Results Cont.Overcoming skepticism Moving the Intranet to the Tyco Yammer Network helped legitimize the network in the eyes of our more skeptical employees, and as a result drove significant additional enrollment. We gained almost 4,000 additional users since the launch of the Intranet on the TYN.

Central access point for resourcesEmployee resources now could only be accessed via Yammer. This aligned with our other Yammer-centric communications strategies, including making our weekly newsletter feature excerpts from articles, with links to the whole article on Yammer. As a result, we passively forced employees to become part of Yammer to access our content.

Continued migrationLooking forward, we intend to migrate more content into the Yammer platform, including Intranets from different business units, and more and more SharePoint sites. #yamvalue42Sign up today! www.yammer.com

Request a free consultation:1-888-926-7377https://www.yammer.com/about/contact-sales/#yamvalue43

Driving team productivity with enterprise social

Featuring: Rob Koplowitz and Booz Allen Hamilton

Thursday, March 28th

Upcoming Webinar#yamvalueThank you#yamvalue


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