Download & borrow a Surrey Libraries ebook using Overdrive on Apple phones or tablets

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1. How to download & borrow a Surrey Libraries ebook using Overdrive Media Console on your Apple Phone or Tablet. 2. You will need to have your library card number and PIN ready. 3. Download the Overdrive Media Console App from either: Your app store (search for Overdrive Media console). (select iPhone | iPad | iPod touch operating system from the list). 4. Install and open the app. 5. Select your menu in the top left hand corner. 6. Select Add a Library. 7. Type Surrey into the search box and click Search. 8. Select Surrey County Council, England, Great Britain. 9. Select Surrey County Council - eBooks and eAudiobooks. 10. Browse through the titles available or search for a particular title or author. 11. Select the title you have been looking for. 12. Select Borrow. 13. Enter your library card number and PIN. 14. Download your borrowed title. 15. A prompt displays the first time you download an eBook to the app. 16. If you already have an Adobe ID: Enter your Adobe ID and password. Tap Authorize. If you do not have an Adobe ID: Tap Get a free Adobe ID. This will open Adobe's website. Follow the steps to create an Adobe account. Return to OMC, then go to your Menu in the top right hand corner > Settings > Authorize. Enter your newly created Adobe ID, then tap Authorize. 17. Once authorized with your ID your book will download and will appear in your bookshelf. 18. Now you can start reading


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