Creating Engaging Online Experiences with Acquia Search

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1. Webinar Audio Options Audio will remain quiet untilwe begin at the top of thehour Streaming Audio Appears automatically in pop-up window Or click Communicate : Join AudioBroadcast Remember to unmute your computer No Streaming Audio? Request phone access Technical SupportThank you for joining! US & Canada 866.229.3239 The webinar will begin International Support 408.435.7088 shortly. 2. Housekeeping Slides and recording will be posted in next 48hours Submit questions via the Q&A Tab in WebEx,well answer as many as we can Try it now: tell us where you are joining from Hashtags: #acquia #drupal 3. Upcoming Webinars Creating Panels Layouts in Code Powering Social Login and Engagement with Janrain and Managing Translation Workflows for Drupal 7 Performance Tips for Site Builders Going from Zero to Sixty in Drupal with Acquia How a Content Delivery Network Can Help Speed UpYour Website 4. Acquia is Hiring Do you love working with Drupal? Acquia is hiring in North America and Europe- Engineering- Design- Client Advisors- Inside Sales 5. Creating Engaging Online Experiences withAcquia SearchChris PliakasJess IandiorioSolutions Architect, Acquia Search Sr. Director, Product MarketingAcquia AcquiaJuly 30th, 2012 6. Deploy in minutes, improve search forever. 7. About Acquia Search Acquia Search is a Drupal-tuned, SaaS version of the open-source enterprise search engine Apache Solr It provides full-text search, including search of rich documents. It provides faceted search and dynamic clustering of results (filter results by date/value/meta-data, see more like this, etc.) Its highly scalable; in use across hundreds of customers including Examiner, Angies List, Economist, Maxim, and Twitter. Acquia Search can be added to any Drupal site in a matter of minutes install a couple of modules, connect to the Acquia Network, and youre ready to go! 8. Acquia Search Deploy in minutes 1. Download the Acquia Connector module2. Enable Acquia Connector3. Enable the Acquia Search module4. Run cron to get your data into the index5. Start customizing! 9. Acquia Search Relevant Results Start with the basics:Faceted searchesResult sorting andweightingContentrecommendationsMulti-site andattachment searches 10. Significant performance improvement 11. New Acquia Search FeaturesAdditional new features: Facet API support Create custom searches for specific content types Improved attachment search Full entity support More debug support 12. Demonstration 13. Acquia NetworkOne singular support service Answers from 50+ expertsFor both Drupal and Infrastructure issues 14. Acquia NetworkHelp & How to Articles300+ hours of Drupal training videos And many more resources 15. Acquia NetworkIntegrated cloud tools that enhance and extendyour site 16. Questions For more information visit Contact us: or 888.9.ACQUIA Follow us: @acquia Comments welcome: Todays webinar recording will be posted to: