Changing Your Target Group Without Leaving Your Niche | Bjoern Bergstein

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Make the Decision Changing Your Target Group Without Leaving Your NicheMake the DecisionChanging Your Target Group Without Leaving Your Niche18.02.2016 Casual Connect, AmsterdamExample: Wrigleys Chewing Gum Source: BergsteinAge36Job TitleHead of GamesCompanyTivola PublishingResponsibilities Products Partners StrategyTivola PublishingBased in Hamburg, Germany Founded 20 years agoPublishing family friendly mobile gamesFocus on games with animalsMore than 35 mio downloads Agenda Mobile Market Targeting an Audience Customers behavior 4. ImpactMobile MarketMobile Market 2015Source: games dominate the top market 4 out of 5 top revenue games are older than 1 year Clash of Clans & Puzzle Dragons have been released in 2012F2P is the most common and effective business modellStrength of Mobile MarketRevenues over $30 billion Free to Play is commonAds are commonEverything is trackableEasy to adjust / updateSmaller development budgetsBenefits for Devs / PublisherNo barrier to try out games (F2P)Creative Game Design could be better than AAANearly everyone is a potential customerEndless nichesTargeting an AudienceSource: one can afford to target everyone."Published on: Jun 22, 2010Source: niche market is highly specialized, and aiming to survive among the competition from numerous super companies.Retail MarketTargeting the audience for box titles PresentationDesignAge RatingPositioning in storesMobile MarketTargeting audience for mobile games Title?Age rating ?Categories ?Icons / Marketing screens ?Icons: Pet Rescue Saga, Candy Crush, Diamond Dash, Cut the Rope, Chess & Mate, CatHotelSource: a specific market does not mean that you are excluding people who do not fit your criteria. Examples TivolaCustomers behaviorMobile is differentHow customers find the way into your game:RecommendationsKeywordsTitleGood ReviewsCustomers try outExample PetWorldMake a DecisionSource: is the right audience for me?Paying UserYour ChallengeFind the Paying UsersCheck media, press or services regarding your nicheCheck your data Optimize your trackingSet up campaigns via FacebookExample PetWorldImpactImpact (What we did)Increase the KPIsDesignFeatures In App PurchasesCommunity ManagementMarketing campaignsStay in your nicheKeep your ExperienceCustomer base Strength your positionProducts and brandsLessons LearnedLessons learned Be focused and specialized Targeting means not excluding customers3. Choose your Target Audience4. Dont leave your nicheExamples TivolaQuestions?