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Presentation given by the Parnassus Group at the Redmond Chamber of Commerce "Breakfast at Thinkspace" event.


1. Welcome 2. Who Are We? The Parnassus GroupA boutique marketing agency Hosts of the Blog Business Summit and Facebook Marketing Conferences Creators of Blogging the Stratosphere event Focus on Web 2.0 technologies and platforms Thinkspace tenants and chamber members 3. What will We Cover Today? A pragmatic, business-focused look at the Social Web with heavy emphasis on blogging Social Media defined How companies can benefit 4. Audience assumptions Small business Promotional focus Care about search Are new to blogs and blogging 5. Having a Web site is not enough! Not dynamic Not broadcasting Googles largely ignoring it Its probably out of date(?) 6. Email is broken In boxes are overwhelmed Spam filters are hyperactive, yet inaccurate 7. The Social Web (Web 2.0) Non-static living sites Data driven content Content endures User-generated content Two way communication -- Interaction between sites and individuals Broadcasting via syndication People focused 8. Social Media Defined In comparison to traditional media (and Web 1.0), online social media is perpetuated Web-enabled content of a conversational nature. 9. The First Wave Discussion groups/bulletin boards Blogs Wikis Instant Messaging 10. The Second Wave Social networks: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce 11. What is a blog? Its just a Web site in the form of a journal. A Web log Entries appear in reverse chronological order Data driven Broadcasts via RSS Every new entry is also a new page 12. Why you should have a blog Automatic SEO Easy to update Readers can subscribe Helps establish thought leadership Helps establish relationships 13. SEO case study: 14. Creating a blog: 15. Posting example 16. Frequently asked questions What service or platform is best? How often should I post? What should I write about? What about comments? How can I measure traffic/readers/sales? 17. What is Twitter? Goodbye Tolstoy Conversation Platform Conventions 18. Twitter: microblogging in action Twitterific Twinkle Web 19. Why does it work? Social Currency Computerless communication Low effort / high return Spam Free 20. Why do I care? Traffic Cachet Buying Decisions: kevinkozan : hmmm.. what wine should I buy tonight? jcuene: should i buy a new ipod now, or wait? geoffgirardin : ATTN: I'm looking to buy a webcam. What should I buy? 21. What is Facebook? Social network Lifestreaming Digital Rolodex Relationships & Identity 22. Facebook tour 23. Marketing via Facebook Fan pages Groups Messaging Applications The Publisher 24. What Do I Do Now? Start a simple blog Plan for a complete blog Start listening to the buzz Join Facebook, create your Fan page Start a Twitter account 25. Thanks! [email_address] [email_address]