When #WorldCup Meets The Office

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#Brazil is #ready, #WorldCup2014 is coming. Start your #countdown to the next FIFA World Cup with #VietnamWorks no matter if you are in the #office or on the way to the #stadium!


Working SpiritWorld Cup Spirit VS This is World Cup This is your office How couldWorld Cup meetThe Office? Every game is a task Deadline is 90 minutes KPI is to WIN the game You have your own POSITION You have your own STRATEGY Your COMPETITORS will always try to stop you Your LEADER keeps pushing you You have to be a goodTEAM PLAYER And find the way to STAND OUT WORLD CUP happens in every 4 years But you can have your own WORLD CUP EVERYDAY So play HARD play SMART Score your own GOALS And be the CHAMPION Join us to be the CHAMPION and MOVE UP At www.VietnamWorks.com www.blogs.vietnamworks.com