The Archetypes: Interpreting Spiritual and Occult Symbolisms

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PowerPoint PresentationIntroductionThe vast worlds of symbols are profound and intricate, even before life began these archetypes existed in some form or the other. Right from the beginning when intelligent life sprouted out, men always sought something higher than his existence in the form of art and religion giving shape to his faith as a sentient being. From Palaeolithic caves to the modern civilization these symbols became a part of his daily life unconsciously.Even the very things we invented to communicate from words to numbers are an example of how symbols carved out our lives. But these words and numbers are just a conscious representation of what is abstract, simplified for the mundane world to use and flourish. And if one is patient enough to descend from these mundane symbols into the realm of hidden, we can discover a subtle reality more powerful than the substantial. The spiritual, occult and more over the psychological representation of these symbols are used even today in our modern society as a part of art or even sometimes with a higher meaning to it. Something that is inexpressive can be expressive through these symbols, and that is the purpose it serves. Today the field of religion and art use these symbols extensively as a part of their culture and beliefs. The famous Swiss Psychologist Carl Gustave Jung once stated, these symbols are deep expressions of some power hidden in our unconscious which cannot be expressed with words, and some are even universal in nature. Because of its intricacy and secrecy, people are tending to get attracted to it more unconsciously rather consciously. The reason behind this is not just a factor of curiosity; in fact the truth is that all these symbols exist within us as an abstract, diluted with our million thoughts and memories. Here this book illustrates and sight examples of symbolism used in certain modern art forms and religious culture; from music videos to films to religious texts, this book discuss in detail of how these artists and scholars tried to communicate with viewers through their medium in the form of visuals and words.From The Back CoverThere is a magnificent phenomenon that is in work here in nature,hidden and unnoticed; this phenomenon churned us to who we are today and whatwe will be tomorrow. We are one such archetypal being that spiralled out tointelligence by unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This increasing amount ofdata that delivered by our senses drove the evolution of our mind and brain,and those increasingly sophisticated mind became curious and demanding for moreand more data. This insatiable quest for information is the making of us.Now Available on amazon The Archetypes: Interpreting Spiritual and Occult Symbolisms (The Archetypes Series) (Volume 1)Visit our blogWarrior of Light (India)


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