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<ul><li><p>The free hard disk data recovery </p><p>software - MiniTool Power Data </p><p>Recovery As an integral part of computer, hard disk serves as the main torage medium of computer </p><p>helping user manage and store all kinds of files. Simultaneously however, hard disk also </p><p>brings us disk data security issues. Accrediting to the rapid development of computer </p><p>business, an increasing number of viruses have come into existence, threatening the data </p><p>security. Now fortunately we have MiniTool Power Data Recovery a powerful hard disk </p><p>data recovery software developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. with high efficiency and </p><p>comprehensive data recovery competences, to help user recover lost data from diverse </p><p>data loss scenarios. </p><p>--Source from </p><p></p><p>y-software.html </p><p>How to protect hard disk data? </p><p>1. Avoid power failure to operating hard disk. </p><p>2. Avert external strike to hard disk to avoid hard disk physical damage. </p><p>3. Don't browse any virus-ravaged websites. </p><p>4. Never use unknown software. </p><p>5. Perform periodical virus detection and killing upon hard disk. </p><p>6. Be cautious of file deletion </p><p>The probability of data loss would be greatly reduced if user succeeds implementing </p><p>above tips. Or if encountering data loss, user should merely find a data recovery tool to </p><p>recover lost data. MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be the best choice. </p><p>MiniTool Power Data Recovery </p><p>As easy-to-user but powerful data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is </p><p>capable of recovering lost of deleted data from lost partition, damaged partition and </p><p>reformatted partition. MiniTool Power Data Recovery adopts the latest data search engine, </p><p>reads original sector data from disk as read-only, recreates directory structure from lost </p><p>directory and file memory to obtain an excellent recovery result. Besides, MiniTool Power </p><p>Data Recovery supports numerous storage media such as IDE/ SCSI/ SATA/ USB/mobile </p><p>HDD, SD card, RAID disk; file systems like FAT12/FAT16/ FAT32/ NTFS and files like </p><p>Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint/ AutoCad/CoreDraw/ PhotoShop/ JPG/ AVI/ MPG/ MP4/ 3GP/ </p><p>RMVB/ PDF/ WAV/ ZIP/ RAR, etc. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is easy in operation to </p><p>facilitate fast data recovery. </p><p>Recover hard disk data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery </p><p>This is a demo on recovering hard disk data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Install it </p><p></p></li><li><p>to computer and then launch this hard disk data recovery software: </p><p>Select "Undelete Recovery". </p><p></p></li><li><p>Select the partition suffering data loss, then click "Recover". </p></li><li><p>Check all desired files and then click "Save Files". </p><p>Last, click "OK" to specify saving location for all recovered files. Thus, the deleted files </p><p>would be successfully recovered by our hard disk data recovery software. </p><p></p></li></ul>