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Data recovery program MiniTool Power Data Recovery With more and more attention paid to data value in computer, how to protect data security has become a hot issue for all computer users. In fact, it is not an easy thing to do. Even though anti-virus software and data backup tool are installed, data is still not protected from losing. Under such a situation, many users are feeling frustrated. Actually, the best solution to this problem should be a piece of data recovery tool. Generally, there are two types of data recovery tools: hexadecimal system editing tool and professional data recovery program. To handle a hexadecimal system editing tool is too complex for common users so that we should better choose professional data recovery program. --Source from However, we should still be very careful while choosing a suitable professional data recovery program in the present software market, because there are ones with defect that may lead to second damage of data. Then we can never recover lost data anymore. To avoid such a problem, here I recommend the professional and powerful data recovery program developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. for you MiniTool Power Data Recovery. How to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data Initially, we should visit the official website of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to download this professional data recovery program, and then install it to computer. Then launch it: picture shows the main interface of this data recovery program. From it we can find the all-sided functions, which help users with almost every kind of data loss problem caused by software failure. Next, let me give you a detailed introduction to the functional modules: Functional module Name Function Undelete Recovery This function mainly recovers deleted data. Partition Recovery This function mainly helps users to recover lost data from formatted or damaged partition. Lost Partition Recovery This function mainly helps users to recover data from lost partition. Digital Media Recovery This function mainly helps users to recover lost digital media data from external storage device. CD/DVD Recovery This function mainly helps users to recover lost data from CD/DVD. This is a brief introduction to functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. According to specific situation, we can select a suitable functional module to realize perfect data recovery following detailed prompts.