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User Acceptance Automated TestingUpdates to Automated Frameworks1Project Planning for Automated Testing FrameworksFramework ImprovementsFramework UpdatesFramework UpgradesModular formats for Existing Test CasesWrite new test casesProduction TestsLoggingMay require more than one slide2ImplementationIDE Updates Eclipse NeonSelenium Updates - selenium jar 2.53 chrome driver 2.22Continuous Integration Jenkins plugins / Sauce LabsChange Control Git / Eclipse Che / Docker / Vagrant / Virtual Machines (VMs)May require more than one slide3Framework Update ObjectivesComplete update to :Bootstrap, Selenium Grid, Export, ImportRemaining Test CasesProduction Framework - LoggingIntegration Framework Testing Services and Performance BenchmarkingTesting Framework ImprovementsDeliverablesUpdated Automated Test FrameworkAccurate Test Case Development and ReportingUpdates to framework libraries and servicesWork Breakdown Chart for Update ImprovementsTraining Planning ScheduleStartWed 6/15/16FinishWed 8/17/16Jun 19, '16Jun 26, '16Jul 3, '16Jul 10, '16Jul 17, '16Jul 24, '16Jul 31, '16Aug 7, '16Aug 14, '16Stage 1 - Automated Testing PlanningWed 6/15/16 - Wed 6/29/16Stage 2 - Training CommencementMon 6/27/16 - Fri 7/8/16Stage 3 - Project Implementation and ControlMon 7/11/16 - Thu 7/28/16Stage 4 - Training Close Out and ConclusionMon 8/1/16 - Wed 8/17/16Remaining Work and TasksSuccess FactorsIdentify elements that are key to the success of the project, such as:Increase framework reliabilityIncrease number of test cases automatedComplete updates within time limeReduce effort to update test casesQuality Management and Performance BenchmarkingQuality Management PlanIntegrating updates across frameworksTimely updates and email notificationsMay require more than one slide11