10 Kick-Ass Tools Modern Developers Love (image gallery)

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A selection of the beloved tools and technologies that developers have proven to adore over 3 years of developer surveys. Download the full report here: http://0t.ee/10-kickass-tools-pdf…


1All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. GEEKS REVEAL THE INDUSTRY'S BEST TECH 10 KICK-ASS TECHNOLOGIES MODERN DEVELOPERS LOVE Is geek love better than normal love? 2All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: 2005 Latest Release: 2.0.1 Interesting Facts: Git was first designed and developed by Linus Torvalds himself, for Linux kernel development. Git is a distributed revision control and source code management system made by Linux creator Linus Torvalds in between fits of rage directed towards certain less-awesome contributors to the Linux kernel. 3All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: 2012 Latest Release: 2.0 Interesting Facts: Unlike Ant and Maven, Gradle decided to go a different route with a Groovy DSL for configuration and scripts. It took 3 years and 11 milestones to go from v0.7 in 2009 to v1.0 in 2012. Gradle is a build tool that automates build test, deployment and more. Unlike other build tools, it is powered by DSL configuration. Rumors are emerging that Gradle can even be configured to build you. 4All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: Jan 2007 Latest Release: 2.3 Interesting Facts: Did you know that a third of the downstream traffic in the US is coming from Netflix? And that that huge traffic goes through various layers of Groovy? That makes Netflix the biggest deployment at scale of Groovy! Groovy is an OO programming language that runs on the JVM. It also retains full interop with the Java language. Despite popular belief, Groovy was not first invented by flower children in the 1970s. 5All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: 2001 Latest Release: 13.1 Interesting Facts: IntelliJ is actually an Open Source project hosted on GitHub, with over 130,000 commits to date! IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE developed in Java with advanced code navigation and code refactoring capabilities, supporting development in many languages including Java, Scala, Groovy and Android. IntelliJ also boasts the most outspoken community of crazed developers in love with it. 6All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: Jan 2011 (2005 as Hudson) Latest Release: Interesting Facts: Jenkins was born when the Hudson project, created by Sun Microsystems, was forked when questions grew over control or stewardship of the project. Since then, Jenkins popularity has soared, while Hudson tends to be used more for legacy projects. Jenkins is a Continuous Integration tool, that provides automatic build triggering from VCS commits and much more. Jenkins can probably be customized via the Internet of Things to make your drinks, but won't physically serve them to you. 7All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. JIRA First Release: 2002 Latest Release: 6.2 Interesting Facts: JIRA is used for issue tracking and project management by over 25,000 customers in 122 countries around the globe. That's a lot of issues! CONFLUENCE First Release: 2004 Latest Release: 5.5 Interesting Facts: Confluence dropped wiki markup support in version 4, but geek pressure brought it back as a plugin which provides XHTML-based source markup. 8All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: 2007 Latest Release: 2.6.3 Interesting Facts: MongoDB is both the product name and the company name. Previously, the company was called 10gen, but nobody knew who they were until you said "You know, the MongoDB people", so they bit the bullet and changed their name to MongoDB! MongoDB is a document database that supports programming languages to map data types directly to documents in the database. MongoDB is not the technology from the film Blazing Saddles. 9All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: 2003 Latest Release: 2.11.1 Interesting Facts: Scala was voted the most popular JVM scripting language at the 2012 JavaOne conference. In January 2014, the Redmonk Programming Language Rankings report placed Scala 13th , one place above Haskell! Scala is a JVM language that provides support for OO and functional programming. It is a statically-typed​language with full interop with Java, even though a lot of Java devs are still scratching their heads in WTF mode with it most of the time. 10All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. TOMCAT First Release: 1999 Latest Release: 8.0.9 Interesting Facts: Tomcat was originally a merger of Sun Java Web Server code and ASF RI if Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1, hence starting at v 3.0.x TOMEE First Release: April 2012 Latest Release: Interesting Facts: TomEE is certified for Java EE 6 web profile and aimed at Java EE 7 full profile. 11All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. First Release: 2007 Latest Release: 5.6.0 Interesting Facts: The cumulative time that JRebel technology has saved developers is over 1 developer's full lifetime! That's some serious redeploy time! JRebel is a productivity tool for Java, Groovy and Scala developer's. The tool eliminates build, compile, redeploy and restart time from a development cycle. If you are a slow or unnecessary part of the Java EE development cycle, watch out. H O N O RA BLE M EN TIO N 12All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. We would like to thank the subject matter experts (SMEs) quoted in this report, the authors, editors & reviewers from ZeroTurnaround, our sponsor that made it possible to create this report. Stay tuned for more from RebelLabs, and tell us what you think on Twitter @RebelLabs. Check out all our reports here: http://rebellabs.org THANKS FOR READING! NO DEVELOPERS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS REPORT : ) 13All rights reserved. 2014 © ZeroTurnaround Inc. 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