Why use instagram to market your business?

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  1. 1. Why Use Instagram to Market Your Business? Brought To You by HIT Virtual
  2. 2. Instagram offers you a way to show rather than just tell. You can show your customers the positive or human side of your business. Take the example of Virgin Mobile, which uses the site to post pictures showing the fun side of their company.
  3. 3. You can use Instagram to show off your valued employees or inside aspects of your company. This is a way to spread your company culture, humanize your business, and make it more fun. Furthermore, this can attract more of the same valuable employees who already understand your corporate culture before they're even hired.
  4. 4. Instagram is not only popular but also highly engaging for users. It's a perfect venue for direct interaction between a brand and its customers.
  5. 5. Instagram can be used to update your customers on the latest news about your company or things that interest them. It can be a kind of news feed that disseminates information that's interesting, entertaining, new, or exciting.
  6. 6. Every bit of visual content shared on Instagram gives you an opportunity to create a personal connection with your customers.
  7. 7. The visual nature of Instagram even breaks down language barriers. With around 60% of Instagram's users outside of the United States, it offers opportunities for expanding brand awareness beyond borders.
  8. 8. Take the first step and set up an Instagram account today. If you need help, please contact HIT Virtual. HITVirtual.com Karen@HITVirtual.com