New year resolutions for 2015 - A Social Media Analysis

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powered byIts that time of the year again. As we welcome the New Year, we also welcome the age old tradition of keeping resolutions. We at Germin8 made a resolution to track these New Years resolutions through social media listening and we delivered. Here are some of the resolutions that the world around the internet decided to make.powered byTotal Mentions3New years resolutions racked up a total of 403,138mentions on Social Media offering us insights into variousself-improvement vows taken by users online.Note : Tracking Period for this study was from 25th Dec 2014 to 9th Jan 2015 powered byTop 3 Hashtags 4#NewYearsResolution#NewYearsResolutions#Resolutionsfor2015212,721 Mentions20,669 Mentions 23,243 Mentions The top 3 hashtags used by people on Social Media :1. #NewYearsResolution2. #Resolutionsfor120153. #NewYerasResolutions Apart from these hashtags #NewYearResolutions had 5409 mentions and #Resolution2015Had 2833 mentions. Also there were some other hashtags that were used by people on social media like#NewYearsResolution2015, #NYR2015 and #ResolutionFor2015.powered bySentiment Analysis5 The overall sentiments surrounding new yearsresolutions were neither positive nor negative. 246,543 posts were neutral, as the onlineconversations were very generic & casual talksabout the topic of New Year Resolutions for2015. 138,570 posts expressed a positive opinionabout sticking to the resolutions made. 18,025 posts suggested a lack of confidence toactually carry through with the variousresolutions made.24654318025138570Neutral Negative PositiveSource : Microblogs ,Social Media and ForumsSentiments powered byTop 5 Resolutions637823 19732 11782 7892 56030500010000150002000025000300003500040000Lose Weight Save More Quit Smoking Charity Travel MoreNew Year Resolutions Mentions Social Media was filled with conversations around New Year resolutions for 2015 and these were the most talked about resolutionsSource : Microblogs , Social Media and Forumspowered byLet us discuss these and the other resolutions that made our list in a little more detail7powered byWeight LossPeople are more likely to slack off and indulge during the festive season which results in an overflow of gym goers in the month of January every year. Losing weight Is the top New Years Resolution 8powered byWeight Loss Most people making resolutions online seemed determined to getrid of their multiplying midsections. Weight loss received 37,823 mentions across social media claimingthat 2015 would be the year that they begin to live healthier. Men were more concerned about getting their indulgences andweight under control compared to women, as 52.4% of the socialmedia conversation related to this resolution came from men &47.6% from women.9powered bySave MoreOnline conversations suggested that people wanted to improve their financial health in 2015.powered bySave More The second best resolution this year seems to be saving. Save more received 19,732 mentions on social mediaproving that people wanted to be more financiallysuccessful in 2015 With no surprise Women were more confident abouttaking charge of their financial future as compared tomen, as 56.8% conversations on social media were fromwomen and 43.2% conversations from men.powered byQuit SmokingAnother vice that the world wanted to let go of was smoking.powered byQuit Smoking People, by their own confession, succumbed to thisvice more often in the past but were determined tokeep to their word this year. 52.1% of women were enthusiastic about starting thenew year without a cigarette in their hand ascompared to 47.9% of men. Quit smoking received 11,782 mentions on socialmedia marking peoples intentions to quit smoking in2015.powered byCharityThe holiday season inspired many people to support others and help change their livespowered byCharity Charity was the 4th best resolution that peoplediscussed on social media. The topic of charity received 7,892 mentions on socialmedia. Women, it seems are much more generous givers thanmen as 53.3% of the people who made this resolutionon social media were women.powered byTravel MoreWhile many spoke about what they wanted to change about their lives, others wanted to know where they could change their lives, striving to travel more in 2015.powered byTravel More From the conversation on social media 53.5% of menas compared to 46.5% of women resolved to get outand see more of the world they are living in. Travel more received 5,603 mentions on social mediaand the topics ranged from travelling in general totaking that dream trip in 2015.powered byWork hardPeople online wanted to be more productive and inspired, while cutting out the clutterpowered byWork Hard More men than women vowed to work tenaciouslyin the year that lies ahead. As 51.5% of the onlineconversations were from men & 48.4% fromwomen. Working hard received 3,762 mentions, as peopleset out to move to the next level of their career in2015.powered byNew HobbyInstead of typically doing the same thing every day, most people wanted to add something interesting to their daily routine20powered byNew hobby New Hobby received 1,502 mentions on social media. People wanted to boost their productivity by finding anew hobby. Surprisingly 55.1% of the people who wanted topursue a passion outside their career were men.21powered byQuit AlcoholMaking plans for a New-Year detox was a popular topic of conversations onlinepowered byQuit Alcohol The numbers from the conversations on socialmedia show that 58.5% of women were morelikely to scale back their drinking than 41.5% ofmen. After some alcohol fuelled new year celebrations,very few people wanted to have an alcohol free2015, as this topic received 1,209 mentions onsocial media.powered byNew Language Linguistics was a surprising topic of discussion in the list of New years resolutions24powered byNew language Learning a new language that wont be used activelyand frequently is a difficult task but this did not detertwitizens from expressing their intentions. Thisresolution was mentioned 893 times on social media. 51.6% of women showed greater enthusiasm forlanguage learning than men on social media.25powered byMake New FriendsEveryone talked about makingnew friends and improvingsocial connections irrespectiveof individual personality types.powered byMake new friends The old adage of women being more social than menrang true on social media as 55.2% of conversationswere from women. This resolution received 729 mentions on socialmedia.27powered byNew lookSome people wanted to rev up their look and get out of their style rut by giving themselves a makeover.28powered byNew look This particular New Years resolution enjoyed a totalof 561 mentions on social media. 51.6% of conversations on social media were fromwomen as they were keener to incorporate newtrends for a fresh look in 2015 as compared to men.29powered byWant to fulfil your marketing resolutions? Get in touch with Germin8 today! Contact us atOr write to us