Alice digi pack analysis

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PowerPoint PresentationA L I C E C O W L I N GD I G I P A C K A N A L Y S I SF R O N T C O V E RWhen designing the front cover I always had in mind that the image would be the main focus. This is why I have made it large and off the scale. The type of font I used was important to consider. Because it is representing a pop music video I thought it was ideal to use a simple sans serif font. Using this font meant I could still have the different widths and thicknesses. The positives of this design are the image size and chosen colours for the strip and artists name, I will be keeping these. The artists names overlap slightly and I will want to edit this so, I also think the background is too solid and the colour of the I LOVE IT title is too distracting and I think I will change it to white. Making these changes will ensure that my front cover is the best it can be. Improving it is important as it represents the theme, the genre and the music video.I N S E R TWhen researching into typography I noticed how repeated text is very popular and effective. This is why I decided to use it on my insert cover. The font was kept the same through out the whole of the digi pack. I used Helvetica neue and varied the thicknesses throughout. I made sure I only used white on the title of the album rather than throughout the repeated text. I used pink as the title because it is still bright and fun, whereas if I used yellow it would be too bright which I discovered when designing the front cover. I also like the positioning of the band across the front, the text has no effects or shadowing because when I designed the front cover I felt the shadow did not look professional and it was better without. I have decided not to change any of this design as I feel the font and the colour of the font and how the text is positioned is all of a good standard. C D D E S I G NGetting the correct dimensions of the cd diameters is what I designed first, using Photoshop I was able to keep it as an exact circle without turning it into an oval. I used the pink as the background again as it was successful in the insert. To add more depth and variety to the cd cover I added pink paint splatters on top of this. The yellow and blue splatters are also shown to keep the continuity of the theme and the design aspects. Using the same font but tilting the font slightly meant it would look like it has been thrown on the cd just like the paint splatters. Because each letter is on top of another slightly it meant I could use the shadow with out it looking too overpowering. I again do not think I will change the design of this. B A C K C O V E R When designing the back cover I had to chose an appropriate image. The colour within the chosen image matches the colour scheme throughout the digi pack. Using the paint splatter which were used in the cd cover meant the cd cover had continuity with the remaining parts of the digi pack. Leaving some white space resulted in the back cover not being too busy. The title is the same as on the front cover so the audience would recognize it. Including the bar code and record label logos made the album back cover look legit and professional. The contrast against the song titles, the album title and the website is shown through the thickness of the text. Because they are all of the same font it means the album back cover can get away with out it being too overpowering. I made changes and improvements along the way which allowed for me to create my perfect back cover without looking at it again, I wont be changing it.P O S T E R An album poser is very important in terms of advertising the album. If the poser was to use the wrong colour schemes and images it would represent the album as being something it isn't. This is why I linked it in the digi pack and purposely used components which were used within the digi pack. The same image (but flipped horizontally) was used as the front cover, the purpose of this is so the audience recognize it as the same album. I created two posters so I could pick the best parts of both and then decide which to improve from. I much prefer the poster without the pink background. I feel it is too overpowering with the pink background. I will be making minor changes to the left one. F I N A L D E C I S I O N SF R O N T C O V E R Change the background colour, remove the shadow on the album name text, align the artists name correctly.I N S E R T No changes to be madeC D D E S I G N No changes to be madeB A C K C O V E RNo changes to be madeP O S T E R Add the album information F I N A LD E S I G N SF R O N T C O V E RF I N A L D E S I G N SI N S E R T F I N A LD E S I G N SC D D E S I G NF I N A L D E S I G N SB A C K C O V E RF I N A L D E S I G N SP O S T E RF I N A L D E S I G N S