5 ingenious ways to increase blog traffic using social media

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1. 5 Ingenious Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Using Social Media 2. Add Share Buttons One of the simplest ways to increase blog traffic is by adding social share buttons to your blog. #1 3. Add Your Blog To AlltopAn RSS-feed aggregation site called Alltop helps people find their desired content by scanning the news. #2 4. Entice People To Follow You On Social Media An interesting blog will make people follow you on social media, and an interesting social media will make people read your blog. #3 5. Add a ClickToTweet Link You can use ClickToTweet to embed a Twitter link in your emails and blog posts. A draft tweet will be presented to people who click on this link. #4 6. Share Your Own Content When someone in search of a great content comes across your blog and find it interesting, they will surely share it.#5 7. To know more visit our blog https://www.spintadigital.com/blog/increase-traffic-blog-using-social- media/ 8. Thank You https://www.spintadigital.com/