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Steps to apply for Passport Services

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  • Steps to Apply for Passport Services
  • Visit Passport Seva Portal
  • Register yourself as new user, create User Id.
  • Provide User Id details and click Register. e-mail Id is mandatory, registration confirmation mail will be sent to your e-mail Id.
  • Login to the portal.
  • Enter User Id, password and displayed Captcha characters and click Login. Captcha Characters
  • Select required service (e.g. Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport).
  • You can apply for passport/reissue passport through two methods: • Alternate 1: Downloading e-Form and uploading later • Alternate 2: Filling application form online
  • Alternate 1: Download the e-Form, which can be filled offline and uploaded later.
  • Alternate 1 (contd.): Download e-Form for required service. 4
  • Alternate 1 (contd.): Fill the e-Form.
  • Alternate 1 (contd.): Upload the filled e-Form.
  • Alternate 2: Click the highlighted link to fill the application form online.
  • Alternate 2: Fill the application form online and submit.
  • Schedule Appointment Scheme 2: PSKs for which Online Payment is mandatory for booking appointments. Access the URL: for list of these PSKs
  • View saved/submitted application.
  • Scheme 1: Schedule an appointment for visiting the PSK.
  • Scheme 1 (contd.): Select PSK and click Next
  • Scheme 2 (contd.): Earliest available Appointment Date will be displayed on screen. Click Pay and Book Appointment to proceed for appointment booking.
  • Scheme 2 (contd.): Click Payment Mode of your convenience and pay indicated application fee amount.
  • Scheme 2 (contd.): Appointment confirmed for visiting the PSK.
  • Scheme 2 (contd.): Print Application Receipt.
  • Scheme 2 (contd.): Check the date and time of your appointment on application receipt.
  • Thank You In case of additional information or clarification, please contact our national call centre at toll free number 1800-258-1800
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