Social Media Competition Ideas: Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

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Creating unique custom Social Media competitions is difficult particularly for a small agency. WinArena creates tailored Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube competitions to help build engagement for your brands.


  • 1. Let Us Bolster Your Existing ServiceCombine your & With Our Branded Social Media Contests
  • 2. Competitions is What We DoDo you have the internal expertise, the tools and thebandwidth or the necessary experience?Social Media is wherewe live, let us do yourheavy lifting andfocus on your corebusiness
  • 3. Help Your Clients Be More "Social"
  • 4. What WinArena Can Do For You Client need > You harvest info > We Manage & Report1. We create contests tailored to your clients2. We use the most appropriate Social Media site(s)3. We raise brand awareness, interaction and "fondness"4. We create, curate, manage and report on the contests
  • 5. Target the Right AudiencesWe create competitions where your clientsaudience lives, using that sites conventions Facebook: 10.8 million active Australians YouTube: Nothing is more viral than video Instagram: Is it young & hip? Pinterest: Is it Fashion Retail, or Female? Linkedin: Professionals, Is it a Service? Google+: Is it targeting visual or marketing people? Twitter: Unlock the power of branded #s
  • 6. We Create Post-Campaign ReportsIncludes Qualitative & Quantitative Data - Analysis, $ROI value, interaction,engagement
  • 7. Case Studies: Branded BattleshipsAusten Brothers wanted viral brand exposureIn Branded Battleships users needed to share the brandedimage, and tag themselves & 4 friendsThe Brief: * Demographic: M 25-55 * Goal: Brand awareness * Vertical: Mens Fashion * Social Media: FacebookSolution: * Target "Nostalgia" * Share & Tag to Enter
  • 8. Case Studies: 20 QuestionsGolfClubs wanted service awareness & promotion of GolferIn 20 Questions users got 5 Y/N questions per dayThe Brief: * Demographic: M 25-55 * Goal: Promote Custom Clubs * Vertical: Mens Sport * Social Media: FacebookSolution: * Target "Sports trivia" * Tell your sports mad friends
  • 9. Case Studies: Guess the GiftRouge Living wanted onsite trafficIn "Guess the Gift" users visited the clients site and basedon our clues, deciphered which product was under the treeThe Brief: * Demographic: F 25+ * Goal: Onsite Traffic * Vertical: Decor/eCommerce * Social Media: FacebookSolution: * Target "Xmas Morning" * Box shaking sounds & clues
  • 10. Case Studies: Scavenger HuntEttitude wanted onsite trafficIn "Scavenger Hunt" users needed to visit the site todecipher a mystery word made of product name lettersThe Brief: * Demographic: All 25+ * Goal: Onsite traffic * Vertical: Eco Decor * Social Media: FacebookSolution: * Target "Easter Egg Hunt" * Explore the whole site, to solve
  • 11. Lets Discuss How We Can HelpVisit our website our social media spacesOr contact