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Learn how to get free advertising and drive targeted traffic to your opportunity or website! Watch my free advertising step by step video tutorial and get website visitors today.


  • 1. June 19th, 2013 Published by: teamdoit1Learn How to Get Free AdvertisingLearn How to Get Free AdvertisingNeed to Drive More Traffic to Your Website?Learn how to get free advertising!Within my IM Profit Pros private training lab, I cover both paid traffic secrets and free advertising methods.Here is my Learn How to Get Free Advertising Video Part 1So here are the steps I take to get free advertisingwhich leads to free traffic to my free website that converts at 61% or more!Step 1 Invite visitors,prospects, and potential business partners to join my free traffic training labby 1st visiting my capture page @ www.improfitpros.com (more on that later)IM Profit Pros- Capture Page ScreenshotStep 2- After sharing visitors email address...they are redirectedto the 100% free website that converts at 61%, while at the same time they are being sentan email with their free private training lab login info [..very cool we know!]Here is the video screenshot of the free website

2. June 19th, 2013 Published by: teamdoit2OKso I have a capture page that is invitingand I have a free website that converts at 61% or moreWhere does the free advertising come into play? Right now actually!Step 3- Where to get free advertising for highly competitive keywords...file share sites!Here is a screenshot of my traffic over just a few hrs at Slideshare212 Free Views - to my PDF (Blog Post ) presentationsI call the process My 100% Commission Formula Daily Traffic Flow! It may sound like a bit much, but once you start to getvisitors that convert into online business partners, affiliates and/or customers from your free advertising campaigns. You willget into your own daily traffic flow activity everyday!Here is a recap of what you will learn inside the IM Profit Pros Private Training Lab Free Advertising Strategy100% Commission Formula Daily Traffic Flow Cart How to Create Content ( Blog Daily) How to Tell/Share by Re-purposing your content into PDF files Make MoneyBottom LineMake Money!