Fun & Frugal Summer Activities for Kids

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In this weeks #CreditChat, we discuss fun and frugal activities to do this Summer with kids.


Summer Activities for Kids Fun & FrugalJoin our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, we talked about frugal Summer activities for kids.Check out all the tweets and resources did you spend your Summersgrowing up? Any favorite memories?My best memories were those spent outdoors, Tweet by @MarioBonifacio fishing, camping ... #CreditChatFAVORITE SUMMER MEMORIES We went camping and hiked in the Smokey Mountains, Tweet by @MilitarySaves which was fun and frugal. #CreditChatFAVORITE SUMMER MEMORIES What are some fun and frugalactivities to do outside with kids? Swimming at the local pool is always low cost fun! FRUGAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Tweet by @MsMadamMoney #CreditChatNeighborhood recreation centers have lots of Tweet by @MilitarySaves Summer activities for kids. FRUGAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES #CreditChatWe have water fountains in the park by our house. All the kids love to run through them.FRUGAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Tweet by @KatieBissell #CreditChat BBQ at the local park Tweet by @DominickBurke FRUGAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Kite flying, bike riding, hide & seek, chalk play ... FRUGAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Tweet by @iGrad #CreditChatKids can ride bikes, play freeze tag games, Tweet by @AdvantageCCS do a scavenger hunt, climb trees ... #CreditChatFRUGAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Watch the waves at the beach ... FRUGAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Tweet by @WiseBread #CreditChatWhat are some fun and frugalindoor activities to do with kids? My niece and nephews love going to the library Tweet by @MilitarySaves and checking out books. FRUGAL INDOOR ACTIVITIES #CreditChatWe often have a jigsaw puzzle in progress Tweet by @Rod_Griffin on the dining room table. FRUGAL INDOOR ACTIVITIES #CreditChat#CreditChatI saved a big box and made a stage, wrote a puppet show with my Tweet by @MaxineSweet4 grandkids and let them perform for their parents. FRUGAL INDOOR ACTIVITIES Build a fort out of blankets and pillows ... FRUGAL INDOOR ACTIVITIES Tweet by @AdvantageCCS #CreditChatWhat are some fun ways for kids tomake money this Summer? Lemonade stand. WAYS FOR KIDS TO MAKE MONEY Tweet by @MoreThanWheels #CreditChat Pet sitting! Thats what I used to do way back in the day WAYS FOR KIDS TO MAKE MONEY Tweet by @WiseBread #CreditChat Kids can earn money by recycling. Tweet by @mikedelgadoWAYS FOR KIDS TO MAKE MONEY #CreditChatJoin our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. Find out about our next