Attract Women Easily by Improving Your Attraction and Dating Skills

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1. Attract Women Easily Graham Stoney Author of How to Become a Chick Magnet Interviewed By Shelley Weitenberg Empower Your Life Club 2. How I Became An Expert On Attraction Grew up in a Family of Dominant Women 3. Passive/Ineffective Father 4. Emotional Repression 5. Successful Career In Engineering 6. Material Success... But Not Fulfilled! 7. No Power In Relationships With Women 8. Depression & Burn-Out 9. Decided I Had To Get This Handled! 10. The Importance Of The Subconscious We Don't Notice It, So We Ignore it 11. Operates Below Our Analytical Thinking 12. Attraction Is Subconscious 13. Based on an Emotional Connection 14. Often what we need to do is theExact Oppositeof what we have been taught! 15. What Makes A Man Attractive Combination of Mindset & Life Skills 16. Dealing With Your Emotional Baggage 17. Connecting With Your Father & Other Men 18. Skills Like Learning To Dance 19. Having An Interesting Life 20. Emotional Awareness & Social Skills Women have an Advantage 21. They want an Emotional connection 22. Expressing Vulnerability shows Strength 23. Analytical Intelligence is Secondary 24. Emotional Robots are Hard to Connect to! 25. Mistakes Guys Make Trying To Make Women Like You 26. Approval-Seeking Showing Neediness 27. Seeking Validation from Women 28. Classic Bad Boy Isn't Seeking Validation 29. Being Supplicative & Sucking Up 30. So: Relax into Being Yourself 31. Cut The Crap! 32. How To Trigger Attraction Attraction Is Subconscious, But Can Be Triggered 33. Change The Way You Think & Act 34. Have An Interesting Life 35. Do Fun, Interesting Things 36. Learn to Flirt & Engage In Conversation 37. Relax & Be Natural Around Women 38. Be Yourself isn't Helpful Advice: Follow a Proven Programme 39. Thinking and Emotional Baggage Messages We Take On About Ourselves Often Aren't True 40. (Shelley isGorgeous , by the way guys!) 41. The Way We Think Creates Our Reality 42. We take on Emotional Baggage 43. Get Support, Therapy, Go to Courses 44. We Project Our Subconscious Beliefs To The World 45. Women Pick It Up Subconsciously 46. Changing Your Thoughts & Behaviour Unlearn Things That Don't Work 47. AvoidNice Guy Syndrome 48. Have a Sense of Mission & Purpose in Life 49. Do What You Want Naturally/Instinctively 50. Learn To Express Emotions Constructively 51. Get In Touch With Your Anger 52. Nice Guys End Up Like A Brother 53. Stand Up For What You Believe 54. Integrity and Being Authentic Learning Pick-Up Lines Won't Cut It 55. Integrity Is Attractive 56. Authenticity is Emotionally Engaging 57. Women See Through Shallow, Fake Men 58. You Can Learn To Be Interesting, Authentic and Naturally Attractive 59. Attraction Then Occurs on Autopilot 60. Where To Start If You're Stuck Success Breeds Success 61. Learn To Dance! 62. Salsa or Modern Jive/Ceroc 63. Get Over Looking and Feeling Silly 64. Deal With Getting It Wrong 65. Be Persistent. Don't Give Up. 66. You Will Get There! 67. Want to Know More? I know first-hand how frustrating it is for men who aren't successful with women. It doesn't have to be that way! I want to help you have the success you deserve. The program I used to turn my dating life around is available now in the e-Book:How to Become a Chick Magnet at