Advanced Internet and Social Media Marketing

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Social Media has gotten a lot of buzz in the last few years but is it worth all the hype? This workshop will take a more in-depth look at some of social media's most popular websites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. We will look at the strategic roles they can play as part of small businesses integrated internet marketing plan. We will look at each site's strengths, weaknesses and find which, if any, are a good fit for your business, your workflow and your customers.


1.Advanced Internet-Social Media MarketingAmanda OBrienHall Internet MarketingSocial Media Breakfast Maine2. Who I am Amanda OBrien VP of Marketing, Hall Internet Marketing @hall_web Organizer, Social Media Breakfast Maine #smbme Blogger at large Guiding Stars, PROXI, SocialMediaB2B, amandapants, Hall, SMBME etc. @amanda_pants 3. Who you are 4. What we will talk about What is Social Media? What does it have to do with business? Where should you be? How has this changed business? What should you be doing? How do you measure success? Questions! 5. Conversations happening online What is Social Media? Word of Mouth Marketing with a new twist. Photo credit: 6. Why did this happen to me?X9,000 LaptopX9,000 Laptop$499.00$499.00Seller: cumputerforu Seller: iluvcomputers 99% positive feedback Read 213 reviews of iluvcomputersFeatures: It is a laptop andit goes wicked fast. You Features: It is a laptop andcan type on it and draw on it goes wicked fast. Youit and email your friends. can type on it and draw onYou can use Facebook it and email your friends.and listen to your illegally You can use Facebookdownloaded music too.and listen to your illegally downloaded music too.Buy Now Buy Now 7. Why did thishappen to me?Photo credit: 8. What does this have to do MY with business?This is where yourFree powerful marketingcustomers are spendingtool you can manage in-their time house Referrals mean more than advertisements1 out of every 6 minutes Tailored specificonline is participating inmessages, for your Establish trust and that social networking sitesdemographicyour are an expert in your industry Americans use social Empathy and caringmedia more thanmean more than anything else onlinestrategy and $$ 9. Most popular Social media sitesSite Monthly VisitorsWho are these people?Facebook 750,000,000 EveryoneTwitter200,000,000 News sharers, mobile usersLinkedIn 100,000,000 Business folks and job seekersMySpace80,500,000Young, music loversGoogle+32,000,000Early adoptersArticle: 10. How has this changed your prospects and customers?Discovery, research and investigationLooking to establish trust onlineConsumers have more controlConsumers have higher expectationsTwo way conversations wary of one way messaging 11. Choose the right tools for youWhat will fit into your day?What features do you want?What seems to be working?What are your customers using?Always tie in with your website/emailPhoto credit: 12. Tie social media goals to organizational goals More website traffic More donations More online donations More volunteers More media coveragePhoto credit: 13. Things you can measure Traffic data Fan/follower data Interaction data Content performance Photo credit: 14. Traffic Data 15. Fan/Follower Data 16. Interaction data 17. Content Performance 18. ToolsPhoto credit: 19. Photo credit: 20. Facebook is great:Everyone is there and knows how to use it Very sharableEventsDedicated organization pages 21. Facebook advanced options:Create a landing tab for fans and non fansUpdate content by regionUse Facebook Analytics to measure engagementUse as your organizationFacebook advertisingHyperAlerts Photo credit: 22. Twitters a stream. Dip in when you can. Get what you need. Close it and reenter life.Chris Brogan of Photo credit: 23. Twitter is great:Users are mobileGreat for meeting peopleFollow by content not networkVery searchablePhoto credit: 24. Twitter for 25. Twitter advanced options:Use a URL Shortner Schedule tweetsUse hashtags (#)Participate in Tweetchats Use tools Tweetchat, Hootsuite Use Twitter search (advanced)Photo credit: 26. Photo credit: 27. LinkedIn is great:A professional social network Connect with your VIPs Stay in touch when people move Participate in GroupsPhoto credit: 28. LinkedIn AdvancedOptimize your profileLinkedIn AnswersParticipate in groups with links Add applications 29. A video is worth 1,000,000 words2nd most popular search video annotationsInterview people close to your organizationEmbed on your site and other networksPhoto credit: 30. What else? 31. Which tools to use Check with top donators Volunteers Friends Staff What is going to help you achieve your goals? 32. How much time should it take?You get out what you put inTrack your timeTry one post and one reactions a dayAdd more as you get more comfortable 33. Should you have multiple accounts or pages? 34. ContentHardest thing | Editorial Calendar | Mix it up | Say the same thing but differentPhoto credit: 35. What content do you already have?What staff and time do you have?What existing campaigns can you tie social media into?Bring it up at staff meetings Photo credit: 36. Protecting yourorganization,staff,volunteers and morePhoto credit: 37. Social Media policyPhoto credit: 38. Talk about what could happen first and work backwards Photo credit: 39. Biggest rules of the road Add value Be consistent not just once a year Integrate with all your events and marketing Partner up and promote your network Photo credit: 40. Recruit more volunteersShare photos | Encourage sharing | Ask for testimonials | Praise Photo credit: 41. Get more donationsDonate online option | Do a little research | Reward and acknowledge gifts 42. Resources 501 Mission place Marc Pitman Beth KanterPhoto credit: 43. We did it!Thank you!Amanda OBrienVP of Marketing, Hall Internet, Social Media Breakfast