20 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Motivated Response From Your Email Subscribers!

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How To Build A Super Responsive Email List That Ensures A Continuous Stream of Cash Flow And Make Them Remain IRRESISTIBLY Loyal To You... Forever! This extremely useful email marketing tips guide will be BIG game changer for the success of your future email marketing campaigns Period.


1.How To Build A Super Responsive Email List That Ensures A Continuous Stream of Cash Flow And Make Them Remain IRRESISTIBLY Loyal To You... Forever! By, S. Kumar Learnhomebusiness.com Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 2. An Important Note Enroll For Free Right Away And Receive Many More Quality Products And Tools Like This Regularly For Absolutely NO Cost! => Click here to Enroll LEGAL NOTICE The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional. In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly. This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field. BEFORE YOU BEGIN TWO IMPORTANT POINTS! Thoughthisreportisdistributedfree,itcanbevaluedata minimum$37anytime.Sotakethecontentsseriously. Ifyoulikedthisreport,shareitinanywayyoulike! Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 3. Thisreporthastwoparts.TheFirstPartisaboutbasics. SecondPartisabitmoreadvancedbutNOTtoo advancedbeyonddigestion. Part1Basics Lets Start Right What is Demographics How To Segment Into Demographics Simple Email Management Tools Get Ready With These Read Getresponse.com Review Read Icontact.com Review Part2Advanced Sure-Fire Email Response Triggers Get Your Subscribers To Respond How To Get Referrals More Methods To Increase Sign-Ups Be In Constant Contact The Best Days To Send Emails The Best Times To Send Emails Mobile Optimize Your Emails Or Else Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 4. Part - 1 Lets Start Right... Right From The Beginning! That includes YOU & ME! Most of us start with the notion that the best way to generate sales is to build and maintain a LARGE email list of subscribers. But soon the gut wrenching truth faces us. A large list doesn't necessarily guarantee sales!. Why? What went wrong? Our list was never planned to be developed as a responsive list! The focus was on QUANTITY and not on QUALITY! So how do we build a QUALITY LIST thats brimming with the best super responsive prospects ever possible? The first is to know that the secret to successful email marketing isnt in the huge number of people in our list! Its in the high conversion of subscribers to paying customers. Lets start. With the unavoidable fundamentals! Buying Email Addresses Is A Strict NO! NO! Its available. Millions of email addresses can be bought but the results can be dismal. The real secret to create a responsive list to build one naturally and organically where people bonds with you and your business over a period of time. Single Opt-Ins Can Be A Delusion And Strict NO! NO: The huge number of sign ups that you see on your single opt-ins may be just a delusion! Many are fakes and are done by online bots. You need to go for a double opt-in strategy to build a responsive list thats accurate and lasting. Go For Targeted Demographics: Why people buy? The answer comes from demographics. If you go with the assumption that everyone in your list is going to buy, god helps you. No matter what niche you are in, you should know the psychology of your list rather than just depending on categorized niches for email marketing. Always Automate Wherever Possible: Tap into email marketig automation. Save valuable time by using the technologies available on the Internet and there are enough of them. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 5. Responsive Subscribers Do Have A Price: Yes! Your subscribers come with a price! It could be an occasional free short report, contests, discount coupons, videos, software, tools... you do get the idea! Got those basics right? Lets move on to of demographics. What Is Demographics You heard it many times. Pick a hot niche to be in profits fast and furious. And its true! You have a good chance of making good sales from a hot niche. That is, if you manage to rank high in search engines! But email marketing is a different gambit. You need to market to demographics more than to a niche as a whole! Assuming that your prospects will buy as soon as they join your niche list will be a disappointing illusion. Demographics empower you to segregate your email list into simple marketing categories: gender, age, income bracket, job title, industry, birthday, geography, ethnicity and education level and so on. Any numbers of categories are possible but these are the standards. With a segregated list, you can get closer with your subscribers by providing them with what they need and this will increase the responsiveness of your list. How? The simple trick is to send specific emails written in a personal tone addressing a specific group's needs with solutions to the problems that they face everyday. Why the personal tone? Simple! An email is still a private one-to-one communication! Lets assume you are marketing mobile phones. Imagine you have demographic Information on college-aged students and business professionals who are likely to use mobile phones within a specific income bracket. Next, you use that information and you set up two different lists and send two different emails for the same product (or for a different product) that suites the segment. 1. Sending emails to college-aged students: It may be about how mobile phones can help them with their style quotient, empowers them to listen to music in between class to relax or chat with friends in free time. 2. Sending email to business people: You may focus on the usefulness of a high-end mobile that will increase their productivity at work. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 6. It simply means, sending the right content to the right person at the right time with a different benefit. The more precise your content, the more sales! ButHow Do We Split Our Mailing Lists Into Demographics Once you understand why people are buying you can separate your list into different groups according to their demographics. For E.g. You can put one list for 18- to 25-year olds and the other for those over 30. To make the task of splitting your mailing lists, 1. Try 2 Part Sign-Up Form: After the initial sign-up why not request additional information from subscribers for a real, valuable and downloadable free bee? 2. Set Up An Exclusive Subscriber Center: Request existing subscribers to provide you with more information for additional free bees. 3. Use Online List Augmentation Services (e.g. www.rapleaf.com): These are firms have already collected the demographic data about most email addresses and most will match in your list. You just upload your email list and these firms will fill in the demographic data of them for you for a price. 4. Run Surveys On Your site: What you do is place surveys on your site and reward people for identifying what demographic they fall into. You could give them special coupons, free reports and the like. You can use services like Freeonlinesurveys.com or Kwiksurvyes.com. Both offers free options that are generally enough when you start out. Once you are armed with demographic details, you can begin segmenting your email list and personalize your email offers tailor made for each group. Sending offers according to say, age and job title can be highly effective. Remember, you can send the same product offer but with different benefits to each segment. Next time you send out a promotional email for a particular product or service, you will know what psychological triggers work best with each of the lists. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 7. Simple Tools For Email Management Many effective tools and services are out there to help you simplify the process. Essentially you must have these three tools in your email marketing management service to improve your response rate. 1. The Double Opt-In List : Go for double opt-in where the subscriber must confirm his/her email address via a response link. This keeps away the spammers and restricts fake email addresses from spoiling the quality of your list. 2. Check Open Rates: Most of the list management services provide tracking tools that helps you to know how many emails are opened and by whom. This gives you a good idea on many components of your promotional email like the effectiveness of your subject lines in opening and what need to be tweaked. 3. Autoresponders: Auto response messages can be set to certain types of actions like registration or ordering. You can also use them for thank-yous, for back-end offers, and for confirmation of the action. You can also use Autoresponders to provide free eCourses to subscribers. Here is a complete list of free and paid Autoresponders. Get Ready With These Studies have repeatedly revealed that triggered email promotions out do five times more than the traditional mass broadcast email campaigns. And one thing evokes direct and an instant response is to track the behavior of your list member and then send relevant email accordingly. Track Email Responses: To track the email responses is basically to find answers to certain basic questions and then formulate/modify your further email strategies. Q. Which of your emails gets opened and/or clicked on? A. Once you know the open rates are high on a particular email, you can increase the number of emails relevant to that subject matter. Q. Which of your emails DO NOT get opened and/or clicked on? A. Stop sending those emails with that content. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 8. Q. Which type of offers is most responded to? A. Depending upon the kind of interest shown by your customer, you can safely send more targeted emails. For instance, if you find your subscriber is tuned towards content downloads but not coupons just give him/her that! Similarly, a someone who responds more to your deals and coupons send him/her more of that. Track Web Site Responses: Once you know how person behaves once on your site, you can use this data to effectively segment your list. Q. Did your subscriber actually clicked on a link in your email and visited your website? If so, what offers were he interested in? A. Place email sign-up forms on each specific product page that give more information about that particular product. Once he signs up be sure to send more details relevant to that product. Q. Found comments on your blog or shared your post on Social Media Sites from subscribers? A. Your subscriber is a VIP and should be emailed and thanked for the positive feed backs. Offer him/her special discounts or give them exclusive content. As brand advocates for you, segment them into a special group and treat them specially. Three recommended services that offer excellent email marketing tools are AWeber.com, Getresponse.com and iContact.com. All of them provide tracking tools, email templates, opt-in forms, multi-list facilities and Autoresponder services. They also provide newsletter creation services to simplify your email. Part 2 Sure-Fire Email Response Triggers How you write your email is the most important aspect of your email marketing. You need to set in motion good practices for people to respond to your emails and act on them. 1. Strong, Instant-Attention-Grabbing, Subject Lines: Well! It all starts from your subject lines. Most people bother to read just the subject line, decide and instantly hit the delete key! So make sure that your email subject line arouses the readers curiosity enough to get him/her to open your email. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 9. The Radicati Group reports that 1.9 billion non-spam emails go out every day! And thats a lot noise! Unless you develop an attention grabbing email subject line, your carefully crafted email will do down the drain. So the first thing to do is capture your subscribers attention with the subject line. Here are few email subject line rules to follow to increase open rates. 1. Use action words in the subject line: Use action verb that creates urgency and the subscriber gets excited. For E.g. Over 99% off..(please hurry!) is better than Huge discount offer. 2. Be brief with your subject line: Another important finding is that short, compact and precise subject lines get more open rate. Make it less than 50 characters. For e.g. Super EASY Software 3. Be clear: Let your subscriber immediately know that what the email contains. For E.g. if you are running a 30% rebate, include that number in the first 3 to 4 words of your subject line. For E.g. Over 99% off..(please hurry!) 4. Be consistent with rest of the email content: Your subject line should have a connected flow to the email content. If you promise something on the subject line then the content should reflect it in letter and spirit. 5. Highlight the readers benefit in the subject line: Your subscriber wants his problems to be addressed and needs solutions. Address them so that he or she goes ahead and opens your email. For e.g. Front Page Of Google (easy) 6. Avoid spammy subject lines: Your subject line can get spammy and it can straightway get deleted or pushed into the spam folder. Up to 35% of emails gets lost this way. Here is a nice free online email subject line validation tool that tests and verifies your subject line for spam quotient. 2. Personalize The Name Judiciously: Use the first name of your subscriber judiciously and intelligently in the email text to give a personal touch. Every Autoresponder services provide a simple personalization code that you can insert to the content of your emails. Research shows that personalized email invoke 14% more response! So remember to greet them with their first name. 3. Put Your Name In The From Field: People prefer to receive emails from people not from companies! Research proves that a simple From: John Galt receives more open rates than from John Galt Inc! 4. Keep It Short: People usually skim through messages noting key points and sometimes tend to entirely skip large messages. So try and keep the messages short, sweet and to the point. Your click through rate is likely to go up this way. 5. Highlight Important Points: Let your salient points stand out! Make use of bolding, sub-headings, bullets, different fonts and a lot of white space in your emails. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 10. Once you facilitate your subscriber to quickly determine the content without too much fuss, you have definitely increased your chance of higher click through rates on your links. Also remember to prominently display your call-to-action button. That amounts to how easily you present your value proposition in the email. Here are 2 components of your value proposition for effective click throughs. 1. Try and include Statistics: Authenticate your value proposition by producing verifiable stats. Let the figures talk for themselves on the problem you are trying to solve for your subscriber. 2. Eliminate page friction in your emails: Keep your emails clean and clutter free with lot of white space. Keep your email focused on just one message. Multiple messages in one email can distract the customer. 6. Make It Easy To Spot Your Links: Make sure that your link is visible right at the beginning of the email that informs the subscriber about your offer. Remember to highlight the major benefits of your offer at the beginning. 7. Email Deliverability: If your email doesnt get delivered, nothing gets read! Open and click through rates can be seriously affected up to 20-30% due to spam filtering. This eye opening blog post on Email Deliverability Tips gives you some solid advice on how to stay clear from spam filters. Emailspamtest.com is another free service that tests your emails for spam scores. Just paste your subject line & text and it does the rest. You may also download the Latest Free PDF Report: "Email Deliverability Guide" 8. Unsubscribe Link: You must have an unsubscribe link. Its not only a courteous act, but also saves you from spam accusations. !=> Avoid Spam At ALL Cost! Do not spam people. This practice isn't just annoying to people, does not get results; it can get you in trouble with Federal regulators! Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 11. How To Get Your Subscribers Respond To You Whole Heartedly Wait! This is an important section that reveals some proven email marketing strategies! These specific strategies outlined here will help you to overcome subscriber resistance to open your emails and click the links in them Insert the word "Video" in your emails subject line: This one word alone can increase your open rates by 7% to 13%, according Digital Marketer Benchmark and Trend Report. It obviously means you need some videos to show. Either yours or others. Here are a few free resources to create videos without any prior experience. 1. http://screenr.com/: This free online tool helps you make screen capture videos in no time along with voice and the created videos runs everywhere. 2. http://prezi.com/: This free online tool helps you make presentations on the fly with some arresting visuals. 3. http://articlevideorobot.com: You can turn any article or text into live talking video with music, images, voice over and most of the fluff. You can go for a 14 day free trial with no credit card information given. Mind Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Phrases: What happens if you simply ask click here? Well! No one responds. An example of good call-to-action could be Get Your Free Access To 10 Ways To Build Your List From Facebook Be simple and clear with your call-to-action. You got about 15 seconds before your email is scanned through and deleted! So state your offer upfront and tell the subscriber what you want him to do. E.g. Click To See The Free 15 Minutes Video On List Building. Essentially there are two components in your call-to-action button/message. 1. Differentiate your call-to-action button: Your call-to-action button must stand out from the rest of your email. So make it unique with a different color than your page color. Placing it in the top third of your email layout (above the fold) yields more results. Make your call-to-action obvious and stand out. Remember that your email is meant to get clicks! Do not make the mistake of hiding it or putting it at the bottom. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 12. 2. The call-to-action button copy: Recall that most people do not read their emails! They just scan them! So limit your text on the call-to-action button between 90 and150 characters, 3.Bring in the power of numbers into your call-to-action: Merely saying Learn more simply doesnt work. Present with data, stats, discount percentages etc with your offer to build credibility. For E.g. 20% Off, 20 for the price of 5 etc. 4. Bring in an element of urgency in your call-to-action: It must be authentic and quantity specific. I am NOT talking about the over used words like NOW and TODAY! We all have become immune to them. Its more like, setting dates for the promotion to end or number-limitations you accept or special bonus to x number of people on first come first served basis. E.g. First 10 Buyers Get The Facebook Marketing Software Worth $97 For Free. Give Away Special Short Reports: One fine way to gain the trust of your subscribers is to give them a short, concise and a useful report as an instant download when they join list. Let your report show different ways to solve their problems in that niche. This helps you build a good rapport with your subscribers apart from being a no cost proposition to you. Let the subscribers feel exclusive as part of being a subscriber of your email newsletter. You could give them: Sneak previews of new products, Special subscriber only discounts, exclusive whitepapers etc Run Quizzes & Polls: Wouldnt you like to give out your opinions when asked for? Its easy to set up a poll-link on your website or in an email. If its on a popular/interesting subject, your email may even be shared with others. The catch here is that you make it a condition to submit an email address to see the results of the poll/quiz with a nice gift. And thats your lead generation strategy. You can use services like Freeonlinesurveys.com or Kwiksurvyes.com. Both offers free options that are generally enough when you start out. Offer Free 10 To 15 Minute Consultations: This usually works for high-ticket items like personal coaching. Your free consultation can be through phone, chat, Skype or show call-in. This helps you to introduce yourself and your expertise which and may ultimately lead to selling your services. Or even a recommendation to someone else to buy from you. Your Email Display With Various Email Clients: Every Email service has its own way of displaying your email. Be it Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Mobile Devices. This is especially true with HTML emails. Here is a free online tool that displays your HTML email in 34 different inboxes! Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 13. Existing Customers: They are your "VIP Special" list and must be treated exclusive! Loyal customers are your golden goose and require special treatment and special deals. Let them recognize that they are very special to you and very important to your business. Pamper them! Occasionally give them exclusive deals, exclusive free reports, information, software tools just keep them happy! Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase! Shopping Cart Abandoners: They click the order button, come so close to paying and then quit! And the abandonment rate can be as high as 60%. Rather than allowing them to disappear into oblivion, sending a gentle reminder may make them come back to complete the purchase. Thats a sale saved! An automated follow-ups series is also advised to get these cart abandoners to return. Research shows that sending them a return message is the single highest ROI email. Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries & Religious/Auspicious Days: Sending a personalized greeting on an emotionally important day with an offer or a special discount coupon often generates high response rates. For E.g. Birthdays. Design, Look & Feel Of Your Emails: Which one would you like to read? An email cluttered with multiple pictures, lot of text or an email that is simple, pleasing to the eye and with lot of white space! You answer it. Pictaculous is a free tool that helps you to strike the best balance with your image and your color scheme. It even suggests which color palettes are best for your emails. Email Your Blog Posts: You have some excellent blog posts that you think your subscriber may benefit immensely. But how do we go about it? Chimpfeedr is a free online tool that mash up all your blog RSS feeds into one master RSS feed. Then, maybe you can use that master feed for your awesome RSS-to-email campaigns! Inactive Subscribers: Every list has inactive subscribers who will not open your emails or click on any of your links. How do we make these blocks active again? First create an in-active group. Then, try sending the same message with different subject lines on different days to this group. The plus point is that you'll find some of them becoming active again! Do not worry about un-subscriptions as it makes no difference to you as they are already inactive. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 14. Finally Be Yourself! Let your personality shine through your words and sentences in your email communications. Do not be afraid to share your opinions, ideas and thoughts with your subscribers. Write as if you are writing to a single person! Your subscribers will soon begin to get your vibe and know that there is a real human behind the emails and that increases responsiveness. How To Get Referrals From Others I am sure; you have noticed the forward to a friend link at the bottom of some emails that you receive. Thats a way to increase the reach of your email offer to your friends. The best sales leads usually come from recommendation from your subscribers trusted people! That is his/her family, friends and colleagues. Here are some ways you can use to increase referral sales. Ask!: How would you reader ever know that you want a referral if you dont ask for it? Make it a point to ask for referral at the end of your emails. Try and offer some thing of value to the reader for referring you to his circle. Social Sharing Widgets in Your Emails: Is there a better word of mouth publicity than your own subscribers and customers recommend you their social connections? Makes sure you integrate sharing widgets of social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ etc within your email. Place the widget either at the top or bottom of the email footer. Addthis.coms sharing buttons provides with a set of free social email widgets that you can insert into your html emails. Special Offers & Discount Coupons: This is a great way to persuade people to forward your emails to friends and relatives. Reward programs can be specifically offered to people who sign up, but you can offer additional discount or coupons when he forwards your email to a friend and the friend registers with you. Sweepstakes & Contests: Word-of-mouth publicity on contests and sweepstakes can really go referral. In sweepstakes if give more chance for people to win, more often people will enter. Sweepstakes usually is about winning a prize and doesnt involve any purchase. On the other hand, a contest requires people to produce something to compete Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 15. to win the prize. These contests can be forwarded to people, but not open to everyone unless the contest is more game-oriented. More Methods To Increase Sign-Ups Here are a few more methods you can consider to increase sign-ups other than from your own website.. Pup A Sign-UP Page On Your Facebook Business Page: As you know Facebook has rolled out business pages for users where you can build your own web pages with your own html. If you can drive traffic from your Facebook profile to your FB profile to your FB business page with an opt-in form in it, it can result in a sizable number of sign-ups. For e. g. here is my opt-in form on my FB Page where youll notice, I give a 100 MB video course for free to subscribers. Promote Through Pinterest: This is the newest growing phenomenon to hit the Internet with a big potential increase sign-ups and its free! Its an online pinboard where you pin interesting images to it. In terms of popularity, it is now the 3rd most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic with over 17 million users. Here are some cutting-edge email lead generation strategies with Pinterest. 1. While you post your picture include Squeeze Page/Opt-In Form links in the post. The number of clicks you get on your links is solely determined by the picture and caption you have given. IMPORTANT To get your link activated you need to click on the edit button after you make the post and once you see the actual pin. At the top you will see an edit button. Click on it to open the properties of the pin and enter your Squeeze Page/Opt-In Form. 2. The best time to pin during the day is between 2 and 4 PM EST. 3. The best time to pin in the evening is between 8 PM and 1 AM EST. 4. Integrate your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Its a simple process. 5. Get creative while naming your pinboards. Make it interesting so that others follow you. Make your boards appear as if you are telling a story. 6. Be focused on your niche with a particular board. If you are into painful hair removal devote one board only for this niche. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 16. 7. Realize the importance of #Hash #Tags while pinning. This helps others to find your pins easier and faster. Special Note: The best way to promote through Pinterest is to post an Infographic that educates your potential subscriber about your niche. If you are graphically challenged and does not want to use Photoshop, here is an inexpensive software that lets you create striking Infographics in minutes that any beginner can use instantly. No learning curve. No Photoshop! Use The Power Of Other Social Media: Naturally grown list are way above in responsiveness than lists created by buying/renting email addresses from others. As, social networking has caught on like wild fire, it is easier to create an organic list than a few years back. All you need to figure out is how to fully leverage the power of the social media. Start to build an online presence on various social networking sites and spend some time there everyday. Post your profile and start networking with people on these sites to hook into potential customers. Get them interested in either who you are or to some common interests (related to what you market). You can start posting updates or links back to your opt-in offers. Here are some of the most popular social networking sites apart from Facebook and Pinterest: www.twitter.com, www.linkedin.com, www.plus.google.com Take a moment to see this inexpensive social media marketing video series that reveals most of the social media strategies which you may find extremely useful. Place Sign-Up Info On Your Outgoing Emails: Always use the signature line in your emails to add your sign up for link for offers, polls, coupons or quizzes to attract people to register. Ad Swaps: Ad swaps is where you offer a one-time promotion to your competitor (or in same niche) to your own list and in turn they do the same for you. If you both have similar-sized lists, it can be a fair proposition that benefits both the parties to generate more subscribers The advantage of an Ad swap is that, you will be instantly exposed to your target market with no upfront cash! You pay back by running an Ad for your competitor, instead of any payment from them. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 17. Be In Constant Contact Another Secret To Higher Responses! Its proven that buyers have to see an offer many times before they decide to buy. It simply means, you cant conclude that if you did not responses the first time, your offer is bad! May be a repetition will get you the response. People begin get warm towards your offers as and when they become more and more familiar with you. So, do not give up on an offer that you believe in after the first shot! Second important factor is to remain in constant contact with your subscribers. Do not let big gaps occur in communication with your list. If you do, you are certain to lose the attention of the people on your list or already acquired by your competitors. Lets see how we can keep either of this from happening to you. These easy-to-follow rules of email marketing will help you through. Be Frequent: Being frequent doesnt mean that you have to bombard a million commercial emails to your subscribers every day! Its far from that. All I am saying is that you must be in constant contact with your subscribers. For E.g. if you find some hot tips or free resources on making money with Facebook, why not share them with your subscribers. Similarly, you can share with them good resources; give them free reports, software, videos, tools etc that will make your subscriber's life easier. Once you constantly supply your subscribers with helpful resources, they will be more than willing to open your next commercial email. Period. So be frequent, but remember not to overwhelm your readers with promotional emails that only benefit you. I follow a 70 30 rule where I give 70% free stuff and 30% promotions in my newsletters and surprisingly, I still have subscribers following it for last 12 years! Be Consistent With Your Newsletters: If you have promised a resource-ridden newsletter every Friday, JUST DO IT! No excuse! The more you are consistent with your newsletter schedule, the more your subscribers will anticipate and look forward to it. By being frequent and consistent you develop an enthusiasm and vibrancy among your subscribers that will pay rich dividends later on. Worth your time! Be Highly Responsive Yourself: The easy and best way to earn loyalty from your list is to be responsive yourself to your subscribers needs! When you whole heartedly provide solutions to subscribers, they will be there for you when you Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 18. knock on their inbox. When you give a positive experience to your subscriber he or she understands that you care and that builds strong relationship. Use Alternative Methods: Apart from Email, use other mediums to be in touch with your subscribers. For e.g. Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forums, through seminars or courses offered online. Word-of-mouth publicity via referrals as friends tell their friends and their friends tell their friendsis geometric progression. The power of virality! Your list can grow virally and astronomically bigger overnight with very little effort on your part. The good part of it all is that it won't just be a big list; it will also be a very responsive list that participates if you initiate thoughtful discussions. The Best Days To Send Emails (This data is based on Getresponse.com Research - Best Days To Send Emails ) What is the point of creating a stunning email and sending it out during the wrong days like holidays? Most likely, its going to bomb! So its important to guess the best days to roll out emails to invoke better response rates from your subscribers. You need to understand the psychology of why some days are better than others for different actions. Research has shown some clear trend on specific days for open rates. Best Day To Send Email By Engagement Rates: The following chart clearly show that the majority of inbox traffic and activities occur on the working days with the peak on Thursday. Thursday is the top day for all the metrics: percent sent, open rates and CTR. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 19. Observe the following chart. Youll find a slight decrease in the number of emails sent on Saturday and Sunday, but the open ratio is above 10%. This simply means email marketers can take advantage of the lower traffic on weekends. The following chart reveals that subscribers are most active from Monday to Friday for email messages send on these days leaving weekends free for other activities. You get the highest click through rate (CTR) on these days. Email Open Tail: Getresponse research proves that a large portion of subscribers read your email the same day they receive it. Most of them read it within the first 60 minutes, and after 24 hours the chances that your emails will be opened are virtually nil and certainly wont last over the weekend. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 20. Email Weekly Timetable: Some inferences can be done based on the above three chars. 1. Mondays results the lowest. This indicates that people are busy getting to-top-speed from the weekend. 2. Thursdays results the peak in open rates and CTR shows that this is when people browse their inbox with more engagement. The slight fall-off on Friday may be because the weekend is right around the corner. Side Note: These results can be generally true but your emails may need a more customized and flexibility depending up on your industry. If your industry is entertainment, Friday is when people start planning their weekend entertainment and may take up on your weekend entertainment offers. If your subscribers payday is on Monday, you may see a boost. So test, analyze and compare your campaigns before you adopt the above data as a standard. The Best TIMES To Send Emails (This data is based on Getresponse.com Research Center that analyzed 21 million messages) Getresponse.com analyzed the recipients top engagement times and found that sending times emails do matter! A lot! One look at this Best-Time-To-Send-Emails-Infographic and you will draw the following conclusions. 23.63% of all emails are opened within the 1st hour after delivery. But 24 hours after delivery, the average open rate is close to zero. Almost 40% of all messages are sent between 6 a.m. and noon. This can result in inbox clutter, and significantly decrease results for these emails. So try and avoid sending emails at these times. Messages sent in the early afternoon have a better chance of being noticed and consequently achieve better results: up to 10.61% open ratio and up to 2.38% CTR. Subscribers top engagement times are 8 a.m. 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. 4 p.m. with up to 6.8% average open rates and CTR. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 21. Mobile Optimize Your Emails Or Face The Deadly Prospect Of 42% Instant Deletion! (This data is based on Getresponse.com Research Center that analyzed 21 million messages) With each advancing day, mobile devises are increasingly used to open emails and figures are climbing up with each passing day. According to latest figures (August 2013), 41% of ALL emails send are received and opened on a mobile device! It simply means you need to design your emails to display correctly on mobile phones. If you dont, your emails are going to be deleted fast and furious by your frustrated subscriber. Period. So address this fact immediately. Or, it will adversely affect your response rate! Drastically! People are reading emails on the go! Another interesting business fact is that according IDCs Consumer Payment Survey, mobile payments have more than doubled in popularity, reaching over 33% of survey respondents. Again, your email must be mobile optimized to get it opened in the first place to take advantage of this 33% people who pays through their mobiles. I suggest you take a look at this informative Email Marketing Mobile Infographic that shows you the critical elements you need to take care when optimizing your emails for mobiles. One glance will make it clear to you. Another surprising revelation by Email Marketing Census (eConsultancy) is that only 25% of marketers optimize their email for mobile devices! Thats leaving lot of money on the table. So get your emails mobile optimized before sending them out. Side Note: Getresponse.com has launched a point & click solution to make ALL your emails looks great on mobile phones. Automatically and hands off! You can watch the YouTube Video on this page. With that we come to the end of this short and concise report on higher response email marketing. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 22. Hope you start taking action on them NOT soon! But immediately, this instant... Courteously S. Kumar www.learnhomebusiness.com Get INSTANT ACCESS Now $97 VALUE YOURS FREE!! Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com 23. Brought To You By http://www.learnhomebusiness.com As A Special Gift For Just Being With Us... "Grab Your 100% FREE 30-Day Autoresponder Account!" We Have Joined With "iContact" To Give ALL Our Valuable Visitors A Free Account! {Full-Fledged, Nothing-Held Back 30 Day Free Trial Account... No strings... Nothing To Pay!} Email Marketing by