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  • World Regional Geography

    Douglas L. Johnson, Viola Haarmann, Merrill L. Johnson, David L.Clawson

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  • Publisher : Prentice Hall

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  • ISBN : 032159004X

    Author : Douglas L. Johnson, Viola Haarmann, Merrill L. Johnson,David L. Clawson

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  • Pulling from an impressive team of ten authors, each chapter in this book has been authored by anexpert in the region to provide the utmost accuracy and relevancy. World Regional Geography, 10/eexplores the character of the worlds people, with a central theme of human development, for anissues-oriented overview of each region. An emphasis on subregions (places within regions) enablesreaders to explore specific locales. An economic development themeoffers a more conceptualtreatment than the traditional coverage of this topic. Basic Concepts and Ideas; The United States and Canada; Latin America and the Caribbean;Europe; Northern Eurasia; Central Asia and Afghanistan; The Middle East and North Africa; AfricaSouth of the Sahara; South Asia; East Asia; Southeast Asia; Australia, New Zealand, and the PacificIslands. A useful reference for anyone who wants to learn more about the different regions of the world.

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