Explore more fun learning facts about mars illustrated fun learning for kids

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  • Explore More: Fun Learning Facts About Mars: Illustrated FunLearning For Kids

    Jake Ibsen

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  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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  • Welcome to the Explore More Book Series! Bestselling children's author Jake Ibsen presents"Explore More: Fun Learning Facts About Mars". This book uses captivating images and expertlywritten words to teach children about "Mars". Perfect reading for any occasion and especially ideal forbed times, long journeys or for bonding with your child. Fun Filled Learning for Your Child (and you!)Every one of our books is lovingly researched, illustrated and put together to outstand, awe andinspire the reader. Our beautiful images help explain and enlighten each well-written fact. This bookcovers a range of exciting topics including: * Where Is Mars? * How Big Is Mars? * How Much Land IsOn Mars? * How Strong Is Mars Gravity? * Does Mars Have Any Mountains? * How ManySpacecraft Have Visited Mars? * Is There Life On Mars? * Is There Water On Mars? * When WillHumans Be Able To Live On Mars? * What Is The Temperature Like On Mars? * What Does MarsLook Like? * How Long Is A Day And A Year On Mars?* * Where Does Mars Get Its Name? * DoesMars Have Any Moons? * What Natural Formations Does Mars Have? * What Is The Dust On MarsMade Out Of? * Does Mars Have A Magnetic Field? * Does Mars Have Seasons? * What Is MarsAtmosphere Made Of? * Did Mars Ever Have A Magnetic Field? We loved compiling this book andeven learned a few things along the way and hopefully you will too. Get this book at this SPECIALPRICE exclusive to the Amazon Store. *** Your child will love it - this is guaranteed.*** PLEASELeave an honest review after reading this booK! It REALLY helps us to understand what you wouldlike to see and read about! Thank you.

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  • ISBN : 1507843208

    Author : Jake Ibsen

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