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  1. 1. Washi Tape Fabric Tape Material: Washi Tape Style: As the photo Size :W 1.5cm x L 500cm (Approx) Package 1 pc $1.39 $3.99 Material: Cotton Fabric Style: As Photo Size: W 1.5cm x L 400cm approx Package: 1 Pc $1.39 $4.69 Other Tapes
  2. 2. $1.39 $3.99 $1.39 $3.99 $1.39 $3.99
  3. 3. Fabric Tape $2.39 $4.99 $1.39 $4.69 $1.59 $3.99
  4. 4. Other Tapes $1.39 $3.99 $1.59 $3.99 $1.59 $3.99
  5. 5. White Lace Decorative Sticky Adhesive Random Pattern Translucent Tape Stickers Washi Masking Tape Craft Stickers Pack Decorative Set Labelling Scrapbook Fabric Washi Masking Tape Craft Stickers Pack Decorative Set Labelling Scrapbook Basic $2.99 $3.99$1.59 $3.99 $2.99 $3.99
  6. 6. Washi() is a style of Japanese paper tape that began in Japan yet producing has now spread all as far and wide as possible. Japanese Washi tape is ordinarily made utilizing filaments from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata bush (Edgeworthiapapyrifera), or the paper mulberry, yet its most regularly made utilizing bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Washi originates from wa significance Japanese and shi importance paper, and the term is utilized to depict paper made in the conventional way, paying little heed to where its fabricated.
  7. 7. JAPANESE WASHI TAPE In terms of Japanese Washi tape being eco cordial we think about the alternatives which pipe (duck) tape is. Pipe tape's substance, and methodology for assembling, are greatly more destructive to the earth, does not biodegrade (in spite of the fact that we have perceived another conduit tape available that claims to biodegrade inside 15 years but then an alternate that is utilizing soy oil for cement), can't be reused and has a tendency to leave a noticeably sticky chaos when uprooted. Japanese Washi tape is reusable, biodegradable, tree free and made out of profoundly renewable assets. The cement could be silicon, elastic or acrylic relying upon the brand.
  8. 8. Japanese Washi tape is a sort of staying tape, like the cellophane tape that we are all used to. Notwithstanding, it has some extremely energizing qualities to it which make it exceptionally exceptional for various types of employments. Japanese Washi tape is created out of rice paper, and it comes in different energizing examples and splendid colors. It is along these lines vigorously utilized for making various types of art things.
  9. 9. WASHI PAPER: The Washi paper has changed a basic, sticky, lace tape into a remarkable thing that could be utilized for various innovative employments. The tape is semi-transparent with a matt completion. In spite of the fact that the tape may seem, by all accounts, to be solid, actually it can tear effectively. Since the tape material is permeable, you can compose on it with a pen to customize the thing. The Japanese Washi tape wholesale has prevalent attachment large qualities and might be stuck again in the wake of being uprooted. So in the event that you commit an error and stick it wrong the first occasion when, you can uproot the tape and re-stick it appropriately and it will hold well. W-tape arrives in a wide mixed bag of radiant plans running from basic examples to kimono or unique outlines. These energizing examples that these tapes come in can change a conventional scrapbook into a true centerpiece.
  10. 10. Since the material is semi-transparent in nature, staying it over glass articles has an uncommon impact. The tapes come is such a large number of shades and examples that it is not difficult to discover one that suits your taste splendidly regardless of how mind boggling your prerequisite truly is. Furthermore in the event that you don't prefer the example after you stick it on, you can just peel it away effortlessly and strive for some other example.
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