Grow Your Footwear Brand With A Kaleidoscope Contest

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INSPIREAUDIENCEENGAGEMENTSHOEKALEIDOSCOPEREMIXSOCIAL CONTEST IDEA:FASHION/ SHOESCATEGORY:WEBMOBILEFACEBOOKFORMAT:HOW IT WORKS?USE TOOL TO MAKE A KALEIDOSCOPE(SELECT SHOES & PLAY WITH OPTIONS)- 1 -SHARE FOR VOTES- 2 -MOST-VOTED WINS- 3 -THE PLATFORMGROWINGAUDIENCESTHROUGHPLAY!LAUNCHORIGINAL CONTESTSMANAGEENTRIES + WINNERSMEASUREFAN GROWTHTHE REMIX CONTEST PROCESSHOW TO LAUNCH,MANAGEANDMEASUREREMIXCONTESTSPROMOTIONALCONTESTMARKETINGON SOCIAL MEDIAPLATFORM FEATURESYour Branded Loyalty App, with on-going Contests.Supports Localization, Languages, Multi-Level Contests + more.ComicReply is an Audience Engagement Platform that enables Marketers to run Remix Contests.Also known as 'Fan-Art' Contests, where fans remix branded content assets to produce contest entries (comics, drawings, characters, objects, karaoke, etc.)Leverage the power of your audience's creative imagination to grow your brand!Visit http://comicreply.comhttp://www.comicreply.comComicReply is a product of Giant Step, Toronto-based marketing agency.( )ComicReply was made possible with the support of the Canada Media Fund.http://www.giantstep.caFREE eBOOK!MARKETING IDEAS FOR: FOOTWEAR BRANDS FASHION BRANDS RETAIL OUTLETSDOWNLOAD AT: to run an effective Social Media Contest? Then let's talk.SCHEDULE A CALL: A WEBINAR: