Project Open Badges Selor (Belgian Badges)

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1. PROJECT OPEN BADGES Vincent Van Malderen Belgian Badge Alliance 2. PROJECTTEAM Vincent Van Malderen Project manager Marc Van Hemelrijck Sponsor Kim Husques Business analist (Methodology) Bert Jehoul Developer / architect integration Arne Couteau Development External Development Communication (Alexander Vicca / Stefanie Billiet) Design & strategic comm Open Badges Community / Belgian Badge Alliance / Meetup Audit/Stakeholder/BA Implementation team 3. Context TALENT MISMATCH DEMAND SUPPLY YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT DIVERSITY INEQUALITY RECOGNITION OF COMPETENCES MOBILITY INTRA MOBILITY EXTERN MOBILITY INTERNAT 4. THE TALENT ROUNDABOUT 5. Objectives TALENT MISMATCH VRAAG AANBOD JEUGDWERKLOOSHEID DIVERSITY INEQUALITY ERKENNING EVC MOBILITEIT INTRA MOBILITEIT EXTERN MOBILITEIT INTERNAT 6. More info van-schaarste 7. Transport: Open Badges 8. Open Badge 9. Open Badges: process 10. Open Badges: value proposition 11. Belgian Badge Backpack: Imagine 12. Business Case: SOCIAL innovation Belgian badge backback as a tool to unlock ALL potential & talent to certify & share life long learning (dont be afraid of the mark) to increase talent mobility on the (broad) labour market Belgian badge backpack business model freemium: free use of basic services + paid premium services 13. Business Case: Open Data into practice Belgian badge backback as an enabler of open data E.g. LED Belgian Badge Backpack as a government-driven pioneering initiative The Entrepreneurial State Data governed by government Belgian badge backpack as a sharing platform for talent mobility Add to LinkedIn (& FB, Twitter, ) Share with trusted partners 14. Business Case: strategy Belgian Gov 15. Inspiration Belgian Badge Backpack 16. DEMO The Belgian Badge Backpack 17. Issuers 18. Issuers 19. Issuers 20. Issuers 21. Issuers (in progress) 22. Issuers 23. Issuers 24. Earners 25. Earners 26. Earners 27. Displayers 28. Displayers 29. Displayers 30. OPEN BADGES PROJECTMGMT, TIMINGS & DELIVERABLES 31. Project team 32. FullSelor iLabs Project Flow 33. Challenges Momentum Critical Mass ChangePartners Keep it running 34. Regular Meetups 35. Scope Interne aanpak via 2 sporen IT Insourcing (+ open(crowd)sourcing) Outsourcing (+open (crowd)sourcing) Uitwisseling Kennis Content APP 36. Timing 37. Open Badges: benchmark 38. Open Badges: benchmark 39. Digital Badges: Unlocking 10 Million Better Futures 40. Open Badges: benchmark 41. Badge the world 42. PRESS / PRESENTATIONS 43. The New York Times (5/3/2015) 44. Selor (13/11/2014), HLN (02/01/2015) 45. HR Square (maart 2015) / Howest (27/01/2015) 46. IMS Global 47. Inspirational lunch Selor 48. EATP