How to Win the Recruiting Battle

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Webinar Title1Rusty LindquistVP of strategic HR insightsBambooHRThad PriceVp of productjobs2careersJoin the conversation on Twitter using #bamboohr2The World Has Changed31Recruiting10 years ago4A changed perspectiveRecruiting has changedThe changed landscape5Organizational PowerOrganizational power goes to the group that deals with the biggest problemsAlfred Marshalleconomist1Employment marketing71Candidate PersonasA candidate persona is a fictional representation of your ideal hire for a specific role. It is based on as much real data as possible, along with educated guesses about experience, goals, motivations, and concerns.-Recruiting Social81Candidate PersonasWhat is their demographic (answering: who is this person)?What inspires and motivates them?What concerns are they likely to have?What does their career history likely look like?What constraints may they be having?What pains might they be experiencing?What is their level of seniority?What do all these things imply about who they are?What predispositions might they have?Where do these people hang out?What type of message do these people respond to?What type of writing do these people respond to?What does their typical day look like?What is the best time of day to reach them?What do they value most?Where do they go for information?What do they care about from an employer?91Candidate PersonasIdentify the highest-performing recruiting channelsIdentify potential ad-placement opportunitiesBuild a message, and job description that resonatesCommunicate in a language they respond toBuild a job description that addresses their painsCreate differentiation for your product and messageElicit an emotional response from your candidatePrepare you to interview for ideal characteristics and attributes, not just job history and talentsand their results101Market Differentiation111Employer Brand121Employer BrandvHowOutside-In (conventional)Inside-Out (remarkable)WHYValuesMissionBeliefsCulture | Corp. BrandHR ActivitiesEmployee PerceptionCandidate PerceptionWhat13Employer BrandRecruitment costsAwarenessRecruitment funnelCandidate qualityCandidate quantityAcceptance rateNegotiating powerEmployee RetentionEmployee EngagementEmployee PerformanceWork CultureOrganizational Performance14JOB DESCRIPTIONSEmployer Brand151Millennialsof the workforce by 201850%expect to stay less than three years91%161MillennialsCompany culture is critical, where they work is part of their social story.cultureand their mindsetMillennials place an especially high focus on finding work that is meaningful to them. They look for a cause.meaningMillennials have an always on job-seeking mentality, even when satisfied with their current job.search1728151Millennialsand their job-searchweeks on averageTakeSearch resourcesUse181MillennialsOptimize it!53%Visit a companys websitewhat you can do about it191Millennials trust peer reviewsBe transparentMillennialswhat you can do about it201Company winsShareMillennialswhat you can do about it21for awardsApplyMillennialswhat you can do about it22Create talent communitiesand take advantage of all theresources job seekers useto look for work.CommunitiesAttract millennials throughseveral channels: social, awards, company pages, job boards etc.Channelswhat you can do about itMillennials231The gig economyThe same thing is happening in recruiting. On-demand employment is an alternative, or a supplement, to a full time job.24US workersare 109942millionProjected increase by 2020of the workforce has a second job34%Millennials freelance1of 365millionThe gig economy251The gig economyRecruiting technology has to keep up! 10% of the jobs on Jobs2Careers are gigs.26The gig economyWhat can you do about it? Understand Your EnemyThink DifferentlyBe accommodatingThink like a marketerTry before you buy27The role of mobileof job seekers searchjobs from a mobile device70%of them expect to be ableto apply on a mobile device27%28The role of mobileVSMobileFriendlyMobileOptimizedWhat can you do about it? 29The role of mobiledecrease intime to hire13%increase in qualityof applicants19%Benefit ofoptimization:What can you do about it30The role of mobileWhat can you do about it? Urge your ATS to get mobile optimizedUse sites that let you use mobile in their strategy31Employees are your greatest assetsGet involved in the communityBuild CSR programsPromote company involvementWear company gearTurn employees into brand ambassadorsBuild referral programs32Understand your value. Understand and speak to the goals Speak their language and advocateAdvocating for your Recruiting Needs33Thank you! Follow BambooHR and Jobs2Careers on social | a free job posting on our ATS and full HRIS for one week.We will contact everyone within the next few days to set this up.Contact for a free demo and assessment.Jobs2Careers35