10 Tips For Solving Your Hiring Pipeline Problem

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Hey, Men in tech here are 10 tips for solving yourpipeline problem10010 2ACKNOWLEDGE THATYOU HAVE A PROBLEMDetermine that you areserious about solving it. Partof it is to be clear about yourresponsibility. Its not our jobto fix your pipeline problem.Its yours.Develop genuinerelationships with leaders inthe communities that youwant to reach. Do it earlyand do it often.0 302BUILD A REAL NETWORKON YOUR OWN. 030 4Women in tech are veryorganized and you candefinitely find us. We are ontwitter and we built dozensand dozens of tech womenspeaker lists to make it easyfor you.PRO-TIP: WE ARE NOTHARD TO FINDSponsor events, underwritescholarships, pay youngfellows or interns fromdiverse communities. Starta company mentoringprogram. Provide travelscholarships to techevents. 0 504HERE IS AN IMPORTANTONE: GIVE TO GETYOU CAN ALWAYS PAY FORPROFESSIONAL RECRUITMENT 0 6There are excellent recruitment consultantswho will assist you in diversifying your speakerand your talent pool. They made it their lifeswork to help you, so hire them instead ofasking us to do this work for free. We arehappy to provide lots of referrals.060 7No self-respecting woman inher right mind will want tospeak at your event, forinstance, if you have modelsscantily clad sexualizingproducts in your exhibit hallat your event. Also, have areal behavior code ofconduct for attendees.CREATE A RESPECTFULAND WELCOMINGCULTURE FOR YOURCONFERENCEProfessional staff who areempowered by a strongculture that valuesdiversity can not only helpyou build a solid pipelinebut make your talentsucceed in your company. 0 808DO THE SAME FORYOUR COMPANY ORORGANIZATION090 9Document your processes and do it publicly.Convince us that yourecommitted. Write publiclyabout your understanding ofwhy theres been a problemwith your entity in the pastand what youre doing nowto try to change it.MAKE IT VISIBLEGET GOING. SHOW US.1 0We want to help you, we really do. We have a self-interest here: We want to speak at and work in diverse,creative, ambitious, and successful endeavors. We lovereal grit and effort that shows that you get it, and areserious to see change. thank youSource: http:/ /bit . ly/2e2XzbN1 1D O S E L E C T . C O M