21 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

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21 CHEAP TRICKS TO KEEP YOUR HOME SAFEBy Brad WingetINSTALL DUMMY SURVEILLANCE CAMERASFor a easy DIY project, turn a webcam into some security cameras.REMOVE FLIERS FROM YOUR DOORSTEPNever let flyers or menus build up on your doorstep you risk appearing like youre on vacation. And if you are on vacation, have your neighbor pick them up for you. Burglars sometimes case a home by planting a flyer and checking to see if someone picks it up.PUT BUMPER STICKERS ON YOUR CARAnything that makes your car more easily identifiable is a good deterrent. And remember to keep it messy if you can.KEEP YOUR HOME WELL GROOMEDEliminate any potential places for burglars and intruders to lurk. Be sure to keep large bushes and shrubs away from windows.LIGHT TIMERS FOR YOUR OUTDOOR LIGHTSUse fluorescent bulbs to keep energy costs down.SAY GOODBYE WHEN LEAVING YOUR HOMEIf someones watching you, theyll be fooled into thinking someone is still home.DONT LEAVE YOUR ELECTRONICS BOXES ON THE CURBDrive them to the recycling plant yourself, or cut them up into smaller pieces and conceal them in your recycling or trash bins.DONT LEAVE A LATTER IN YOUR YARDMost burglars dont BYOL. So dont make their jobs easier by supplying them with an easy way to get into your bedroom.MAKE YOUR MIRRORS NOT SHOW YOUR HOME ALARMBurglars might be able to see if your alarm is unarmed, so make sure you examine your mirrors from all outside angles.MOW YOUR LAWNPeople will wonder if youve gone on vacation if you let your grass grow too high.DONT LEAVE UPDATES THAT YOULL BE AWAYFAKE A TV GLOWThere are devices that use the same energy as a nightlight, works on a timer system, and makes it look like someones home. It costs $39.95.LEAVE TRACKS IN THE SNOWUntouched, virgin snow is a surefire way to let burglars know that no ones home.GET FAKE HOME ALARM DECALS IF YOU CANT AFFORD ONECheck eBay- there are plenty there.PACK YOUR CAR QUICKLY BEFORE A TRIPLoad your car in the garage with the door closed. If you have to do it in public, do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.REENFORCE YOUR DOOR JAMBSKeep your doors from getting kicked in with this supremely easy DIY, which takes under an hour to install.SECURE YOUR WINDOWSCut a wooden dowel so that it fits into your track when its closed.INVEST IN DOUBLE GLAZED OR TOUGHED GLASS WINDOWSDouble-glazed windows as well as toughened glass are harder to smash through. Not the cheapest option, but you get added benefits. In the case of double-glazed windows, youll save money from increased heat insulation and theyll block out more noise, which could increase your property value if you happen to live on a loud, busy street.MOTION SENSORS THAT WORK WITH YOUR SMART PHONEA clever gadget is called the Canary and it costs $199 with no monthly fee. Get more info BUILD A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR VALUABLES-BradThanks for watching!