7 things comedians can teach you about public speaking

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T H I N G SC O M E D I A N S C A NT E A C H Y O U A B O U T P U B L I C S P E A K I N G7ARTICLE BYMIKE MICHALOWICZSUMMARIZED BYC O M E D I A N S A R E T H EU L T I M A T E P U B L I CS P E A K E R S .They have to h o l d a na u d i e n c e ' s a t t e n t i o n f o ra n h o u r o r mo re .They don t ge t a b reakdu r i ng t he i r ta l k sand they don t ge t tolean on t he aud ience fo rQ&A. He r e a r e t h e i r s e c r e t s .Comedians know that the secret tokeeping an audience engaged isfollowing the commandments ofpowerful public speaking. 1 .H U M B L I N GP E R S O N A LS T O R I E SComedians often open up their acts bysharing a humbling or even humiliating story.Not only is it funny, but it shows theaudience that they are just a regular Joe.And regular Joes get support from theaudience.2 .J U S T S A YN O T OP O W E R P O I N TComedians know that the bestpictures are the ones that you draw inpeoples minds.Comedians use detailed descriptions,storytell ing, body movement, voicetonality and props.G E S T I C U L A T I O N3 .It is hard for people to see the minorexpressions, so comedians make BIGmovements. Every body movement and facialexpression is exaggerated so even theperson with the worst seats in thehouse can see it clearly.4 .L A U G H -C R Y -L A U G H .Comedians know that engaged audiencesneed to have a release (laughter)and a recovery (a moment of calmness)before the next release (laughing again).It keeps themconnected and opens them up for you todeliver your knowledge and lessons. 5 .N OL E C T E R NThe lectern is nothing but abig fat crutch.Avoid it l ike the plague,unless you use it as a prop. 6 .N ON O T E SA great speech is a prepared speech.If you take your eyes off of youraudience, they wil l take their eyes offyou.And that creates a disastrous speakingsituation. 7 .T H E L O O P -B A C KComedians wrap up their routinesby referencing some jokes fromearlier on in their routine.In the closing of your speech,make sure your refer back to thecore content they just learned. ORIGINAL ARTICLEPUBLISHED BYOPEN FORUMMAY, 2012GET MORE SPEAKINGOPPORTUNITIES:OPEN FORUM MIKE MICHALOWICZPUBLISHED BY ARTICLE BY VISUALIZED BYSPEAKERHUB