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Very Cool Project Proposal

by trip-adler





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This project proposal is for Statistics 100.
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Project Proposal for Statistics 100 10/28/05 Group members: Jonah Todd-Geddes, Eric Momin, Patrick Salisbury, and John Adler Discussion of Project: The main question we will be addressing is "how many sporting events do Harvard students attend in a year?" along with some minor questions which might be related to amount of events they attend (such as where they live, are they a member of a varsity sports team, a club sports team, a intramural sports team, did they play sports in high school, do they watch professional sports regularly, and what's their major). Data collection will be done by means of an on the web survey, which will be forwarded through email to a large amount of people (through house open lists), hopefully getting a random and non-biased sample size through the unknown amount of students who will take the time to fill out the survey.
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