War clouds over the balkans

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1. WAR CLOUDS OVER THE BALKANS 2. How did Serbia emerge from the Balkan Wars of 1912-13 as the largest and most powerful of the Balkan nations? FOCUSING QUESTION 3. In…


1. WAR CLOUDS OVER THE BALKANS 2. How did Serbia emerge from the Balkan Wars of 1912-13 as the largest and most powerful of the Balkan nations? FOCUSING QUESTION 3. In 1912, with Russian encouragement, the states of Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro formed an alliance named the Balkan League. THE BALKAN LEAGUE 4. Took its new combined armed forces and attacked Turkey. In just seven weeks Turkey was driven out Europe. A stunned Austria watched as Serbia became the largest Balkan state. Austria generals wanted to attack Serbia but could not risk an alliance chain event. THE NEWLY FORMED LEAGUE… 5. If Austria attacks Serbia hen Russia would attack Austria. Germany would back its ally Austria and attack Russia. An attack on Russia would cause France to fight Germany and Austria to protect its ally. If France joined, Britain would likely follow suit. Nobody wanted a European war so… THE CHAIN EVENT 6. The London peace conference was called to help spilt up the new Balkan land. Austria- Hungary used this conference to create Albania in order to block Serbia's access to coastline. A PEACE CONFERENCE 7. NEW MAP 8. A month after the conference the Balkan League was fighting over the new land. Bulgaria fought with Serbia and Greece over the number of Bulgarians living in other territories. In June of 1913, Bulgaria attacked the former allies. Turkey saw this as an opportunity, and joined the fight with Bulgaria against the Balkan League. Bulgaria was defeated and in the treaty of Bucharest, lost nearly all of the land won in the first war. SECOND BALKAN WAR 9. FINAL MAP 10. The Austro-Serbian relationship took another hit. Due to Austria, Serbia had been cut off for the sea by Albania. The Serbians continued to demand Slavic unity, with six million Serbs and Croats still under Austrian rule, attacks against Austria were openly applauded. Meanwhile, Austria saw Serbia double it size and become a formidable military power. This increasing threat needed to be dealt with. LEGACY: AUSTRO-SERBIAN 11. Turkey regained some land and prestige. Despite a reduced role in Europe, and controlling an area that was essentially Turkish already, Turkey looked to the future for possible opportunity. LEGACY: TURKEY 12. The league and war created a changing landscape. From pushing Turkey out up to Bulgaria handing over its gains to Greece and Serbia. The Balkan states saw the Treaty of Bucharest as a semi-permanent solution to a much larger issue. LEGACY: BALKAN STATES 13.  Militarism Serbia increases its military power.  Alliances The Balkan league formed, The web of alliances caused a lack of action  Imperialism The Turkish empire continues to crumble  Nationalism The Balkan nations establish themselves Albania formed Bulgaria fights for displaced populace. M.A.I.N POINTS 14. Name the Countries that made-up the Balkans League. The first Balkan War 1912: Detail the events of October 1912 List the results of an attack on Turkey Explain why an attack on Serbia by Austria would be so catastrophic for Europe. ACTIVITIES 15. London Peace conference 1912 List what was decided and why it led to more bitterness between Serbia and Austria. Second Balkan War 1913 Explain why a second war broke out Treaty of Bucharest 1913 List details from resources B pg. 35 ACTIVITIES 16. Legacy of Balkan Wars: Summarise pg. 34-35 in "road to Sarajevo” Complete questions 1,2,3 & 4. of resource A TASK FOUR


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