Production of my School Magazine Front Cover

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This is the production of my school magazine front cover shown in screen grabs of the page.


<ul><li> 1. Production of my School Magazine Front Cover.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. This is the main image for my school magazine. The shot is a medium close-up.<br />The background is of a science lab door as the main feature is about the Science Show and the main picture links with the main feature. <br /> 3. This is the layer of which I added my masthead. <br />The effects I used on my masthead are <br /> 4. I then added my main feature story. <br /> 5. I added my first coverline here. <br /> 6. I added my second coverline here. <br /> 7. I added my third coverline here. <br /> 8. I added my fourth coverline here. <br /> 9. I added my fifth coverline here. <br /> 10. I added to information about the science show and who was involved. <br /> 11. My final step was to add the date and issue number which I placed under the masthead as that where most magazines place it.<br /> 12. My finished school magazine front cover.<br /></p>