Iphoneography and the news

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The slides of the presentation I held on April 28, 2012, at the International Journalism Festival of Perugia about the use of Instagram (and other photo sharing applicatons) to cover news


Iphonegraphy and the news Instagram (and others)International Journalism Festival - Perugia - 28-4-2012 What do we call iphonegraphy?Capture moments that can be digitally recorded andshared via iPhone camera apps Instagram The founders Kevin SystromClasse: 1983Laureato a Stanfordin Science & EngineeringDurante gli studi conosceZuckerberg e DAngeloche stanno lanciando FacebookInternship a Twitter e GoogleInserito da Forbes nel 2011nella classifica dei 30 giovani sottoi trentanni pi influenti al mondo Michel Mike Krieger Brasiliano, classe 1986 Si trasferisce nel 2004 in California Laurea a Stanford in Sistemi Simbolici Internship a Microsoft e Foxmarks poi a MeeboAlunno del Mayfield Fellows Program (MFP) Appassionato di design e usabilit I FiltriImage Source - http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/04/a-guide-to-the-instagram-filters-youll-soon-be-seeing-on-facebook/255650/ Gennaio 2011 http://instagr.am/tags/hashtagname/feed/recent.rss Piccolo esperimento con hashtag Festival febbraio 2011 THE BIEBER EFFECT21 LUGLIO 2011:Justin Bieber, twitta ai suoi11 milioni di followerunimmaginescattata con Instagram,accompagnata da unmemorabile commento:L.A. traffick sucks- delirio 3 aprile 2012 Instagram debutta su Android 9 aprile 2012 Facebook compra Instagram GliInstagramers http://instagramers.com/ http://instagramersitalia.it/ Trenta gruppi locali ufficiali ApplicazioniVisualizzare le foto da Web, esportarle, e molto altro Visualizzatori http://followgram.me Pagine personalizzate per i brand http://followgram.me/audi Foto by location 1# - InstaEarth http://instaearth.me Foto by location 2# - InstaMaphttp://www.instamapapp.com/ http://www.pingram.me/ Esportare le foto http://instadrop.appspot.com/ http://www.scoop.it/t/instagram-sites AccessoriTreppiede, stabilizzatori, lenti e obiettivi Accessori #1http://photojojo.comhttp://olloclip.comand others... Accessori #2http://joby.com/gorillamobile http://www.tiffen.com/steadicam_smoothee_homepage1.html Alternative Hipstamatichttp://hipstamatic.com/the_app.html http://picplz.com/ PIXLR-O-MATIChttp://pixlr.com/o-matic/iOSAndroidWeb - Desktop Post-produzione DIPTIChttp://www.dipticapp.com/ SNAPSEEDhttp://www.snapseed.com/ COLOR SPLASHhttp://www.pocketpixels.com/ColorSplash.html SQUAREREADYhttp://ios.fang.co.jp/index_e.html NEWS OUTLETS USING Names, Pros & Cons I CONSIGLI DI NBC l Upload Original Photos l that Share l a Unique Perspective l Thank and Follow Other l Instagram Users l Search for User Content http://pinterest.com/wsj/wsj-on-instagram/ Bloggers & Citizen journalists Come usano Instagram per raccontare storia #MediaLebanonTour Citizen journalists Russia: Il blogger Alexei Navalny & friends nel cellulare della polizia http://instagr.am/p/XhTGt/ Ok, news look great with Instagram & Co. But... its ethical? Opportunities Address an audience of 40 millions and countingl (not considering sharing on other social networks)l Build a sense of communityUse Instragram to find sources and images to coverbreaking news (esp. via the geolocation feature) orl cultural entertainment eventsAdd emotion even to flat images, such as staffl meetings, behind the scenes, etc Risksl Go for the audience, not for the newsl Making even tragedies likable and vintagel cheat the audience (but dont forget Photoshop)l Standarize A conclusion (maybe)l Be transparent on the device and effect you usel Use Instagram to cover the latest fashion weekl Think twice for breaking news and serious situations Grazie Per contatti e approfondimenti:Blog personale: www.federicoguerrini.comBlog su La Stampa.it: http://bit.ly/wuMfYTSito di Corsi Digitali: www.corsidigitali.com Twitter: @fede_guerrini


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