TpM2015: iBeacon! What if you get closer to your customers?

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TpM 2015 Sierre, SwitzerlandiBeacon! enter into the pocket of your customers!The information revolution is useless if it is to add information to information and time to the already mismanaged time.Jol de RosnayDocteur s Sciences President of Biotics International Special Advisor to the President of Universcience Interview of Jol de Rosnay and Paul Virilio on radio channel France Culture, on December 4th 1995 And NOWWhat if you could transmit informationpersonplacetime.the rightto the rightat the rightat the rightObservationFor years, methods of information diffusion have evolved following two axis: Seek of complementarity Seek of instantaneousnessMedia convergenceInternet is now recognized as the primary media in the field of tourism. TV Radio Press Internet Mobile Billboard InternetMobile FirstSituationDigital is now nomad ! The smartphone is its representative ! Situation95% of Swiss have a smartphone 36 apps on average on a smartphone (downtrend) - Only 9 apps are frequently used!ObjectiveBeing the indispensable companion during their stay. Being the relevant companion before and after their stay. Give yourself the opportunity to be in the top 5 applications during their stay.TODAYAnalysis of current situation and developments: - Apps come to the user (notifications, widgets...) - The positions taken by the key players also tend to confirm this trend (Apple, Facebook, Google ...) - The nomadic social also becomes inevitable, Facebook and Twitter are not alone (Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest ...) - ...smartphoneSmartphones are our companions in all stages of life (professional and personal) In our pocket GPS, WIFI, QR, WATCH, HOME AUTOMATION, AUTOMOTIVE, WEB, MUSIC ... iBeaconCRMIN Better know your clientsOUT Take targeted actioniBeaconA technology originally thought to meet our premise. informationpersonplacetime.the rightto the rightat the rightat the rightHey! what is ibeacon?Hey! what is ibeacon?hey! what is ibeacon?Micro-location technology introduced by Apple Inc. mid 2013. It is an enabler to new mobile interactions that enhances users experience.It allows providing the client with contextualized information (according to place, time, target).HEY! How does it work?Localized notificationsWakes up apps (even if not running in background)Contextualized informationIndoor positioningData collectionibeacon key specific featuresibeacon is an enablerMarketing: Proximity communication Promotion Geo localized information Loyalty program Points of interestAnalytics: Number of visit Time spent in shop Conversion rateIndoor positioning Interactive maps Localisation / Navigation Guide via localized notifications Employee location Geofencing Flow analysis (paths, hot/cold zones)iBeaconA changing technology before its introductionSharingBEFORE DURING AFTERProfilingPreparation of the stayDatabase - App intelligenceArrivalHotel Appartement Parking Services Predictive agendaRoute ActivitiesActionsContextualisation - GeofencingGamification-BadgingSociallinkingAugmentedrealitySecurityConciergeservicesMemoriesLoyaltyAmbassadorMarketing ImpactSKI Resorts Flow Management Predictive agenda / profile, weather, crowd Special offers Performance tracking Warning notifications GamificationMultimedia guide: thematic route in the tourists language Promotion of local activities vineyardCITIESBetter know your client Enhanced and personalised services Loyalty program HotelsIndoor positioning and navigation Thematic routes Contextualised audioguide MUSEUMSThe rightat the rightat the rightto the right27informationplacetimetarget.contextualised informationYour stages1. Seduction 2. Preparation, intelligence collection 3. Experience 4. Loyalty 5. FeedbackYour projectA. Qualification, business expertise; B. Personas; C. Functional and strategical definition; D. Realisation; E. Crossmedia deployment (re-materialisation); 1. Seduction / 2. Preparation, intelligence collection / 3. Experience / 4. Loyalty 5. Feedback F. Analysis and requalification;What about YOU? HEY!Marc BERGER Raphal @hey_beaconhttp://www.hey-solutions.commailto:info@hey-solutions.comhey! MethodologyGather knowledge about the projectUNDERSTAND DESIGN ASSESS SPECIFYUse different tools to create a user experienceDescribe in detail the solutionTest the solution in real situationStage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4AuditsBenchmarkPersonas and use casesDeliverables Deliverables Deliverables DeliverablesWireframesTest synthesisWireframes improvementsDetailed functional specificationsCREATEStage 5Build the appDeliverablesMobile appHEY! WE AREEFFICIENT1HEY! YOU AREEVERYWHERE2HEY! ITS LIVE3hey! Methodology


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