How we actually use Smartphones and Apps nowadays

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The Mobile MarketInsightful Data on Mobile and Appswww.onliquid.comTHE MOBILE WORLDTHE MOBILE WORLD>1.3 BILLION 400 MILLIONsmartphones will be soldPCs will be sold IN 2016smartphone users / info@onliquid.comDIGITAL MEDIA TIME SPENT BY USERSON DESKTOP:38%ON / / info@onliquid.comON MOBILE:9%ON DESKTOP:44%Percentage of marketing personalization efforts / info@onliquid.comof mobile data traffic was transmitted(Up from 18 Billion GigaBytes in 2013)30 Billion Gigabytes= 1B GigaByteswould be all words ever spoken by human beings5 Billion GigabytesIN 2014THE MOBILE WORLDTHE APP / info@onliquid.com102+ BILLIONmobile apps downloaded$45+ BILLIONmobile app revenue to-dateUNTIL / info@onliquid.comof time spent on a smartphone is used on apps85%37,5 HOURSspent using apps26,7 APPSare openedON AVERAGE DURING A MONTH:APP / info@onliquid.comOther appsSHARE OF USAGEENTERTAINMENT20%SOCIAL / info@onliquid.com1 in 4mobile appsnever get usedof installed mobile apps are used dailyOnly 26%INSTALLED MOBILE / 2015, Liquid Data Intelligence S.A., All rights reserved.Make your app work harder at