10 Ideas for Engaging Push Notification Campaigns

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Looking for ideas to engage your mobile app users with push notifications? Here is some inspiration for you. Twitter: @AppboyDave


1.10 IDEAS FOR ENGAGING PUSH NOTIFICATION CAMPAIGNS @APPBOYDAVE ??? 2. Its not always easy to come up with engaging content, and good reasons to push message your users. Hopefully, the ideas that follow will give you some inspiration @APPBOYDAVE WHAT MESSAGE SHOULD I SEND? 3. There are a lot of holidays in a calendar year in the U.S. Add each of these holidays to your content calendar, and take advantage of each and every one them. http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/ @APPBOYDAVE1 TIE-IN TO A HOLIDAY 4. There are always current events happening in pop culture. Pick a few feeders TMZ, Vulture, Perez Hilton and capitalize on key moments. @APPBOYDAVE2 TIE-IN TO POP CULTURE 5. What kind of culture do you foster among your app users? If this style of message fits your culture, give it a go. Word of caution: Use sparingly. @APPBOYDAVE3 TONGUE-IN-CHEEK / KITSCHY 6. This is a great reason to reach out to users announce a new feature, new products, new content anything NEW! Humans crave new stimuli. @APPBOYDAVE4 ANNOUNCE UPDATES IN APP 7. Keep your users guessing. This is a strategy employed by many Internet media titans (Eat These 5 Super-Foods: You Wont Believe What They Are Click Here to See). People are naturally curious. Peak their curiosity. @APPBOYDAVE5 THE CLIFF-HANGER! 8. People love contests and sweepstakes. Make it social to capitalize on the viral effect and drive more organic downloads. @APPBOYDAVE6 CONTEST / SWEEPSTAKES 9. Keep it short n sweet. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. @APPBOYDAVE7 GET RIGHT TO THE POINT 10. Asking your users a question is a great way to make them feel involved in the conversation and bolster engagement. This is a best-kept secret amongst Social Media Managers. @APPBOYDAVE8 ASK A QUESTION 11. Inclement weather can be your best friend. Capitalize on moments where your users are probably trapped indoors and glued to their mobile device as a result. @APPBOYDAVE9 TIE-IN TO A WEATHER EVENT 12. Dont just get them to open the appdrive them to do something once they open the app. Make your push notification count! @APPBOYDAVE10 ASK THEM TO DO SOMETHING 13. A/B TEST your push notifications to small groups of users before sending to your entire app audience. Optimize the open rate. Dont leave it to chance. @APPBOYDAVE TRACK METRICS on your push notification campaigns (# Sent, Open Rate %, Direct Opens, Influenced Opens, etc.). Analyze and tweak as necessary. FINAL THOUGHTS Employ a RE-TARGETING strategy. Dont just send a single push and expect optimal results. Follow-up with people who didnt interact the first time. 14. @APPBOYDAVE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!